About Ian Jarvis

Ian Jarvis is the engine enthusiast behind this site. He’s in charge of all content and editing.


Growing up with a father who was a mechanic I had an appreciation for cars and motorcycles from an early age.

I shared my first bike with my brother that had little more than a 40cc engine but it opened up a world of excitement for me, I was hooked.

As I grew older I progressed onto bigger bikes and when I was 16 my uncle Mike handed me down a beat-up Harley which I fully restored and still have to this to this day.

I bought my first car not long after, a ’92 Ford Taurus which I’d often take on road trips and adventures around the country.

Nowadays I drive an F-150 Raptor which gives a nice balance of performance and convenience and it’s great for trailer camping.

I set up Engine Patrol to pass on some tips and advice that I have picked up over the years from working on cars and bikes and offer it to you in the form of a helpful, informative, and entertaining auto website.

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