Several Dealers Employ AI Scanner for Rapid Car Problem Detection

The system is reportedly very effective, increasing workload for the service department while ensuring customer cars are safe.

Artificial intelligence has already integrated into our cars via infotainment software, but its potential goes much further. A prime example is the system used by several US dealerships, including Findlay Cadillac in Las Vegas, which employs AI for initial vehicle inspections. This technology showcases AI’s capability to outpace and outperform humans, all while preserving jobs.

Findlay Cadillac in Henderson is the first dealership in Las Vegas to implement an automated vehicle inspection system developed by UVEye. This technology, already in use at 300 dealerships nationwide, significantly enhances efficiency and reduces waiting times.

The process is straightforward and takes less than a minute. The customer drives through a large scanner that captures multiple photos of the car from all angles, including the underbody. These images are then processed by AI software, which identifies any defects on the exterior, tires, and visible mechanical components.

Approximately 30-45 seconds later, the customer receives a “full condition report” of their vehicle. Based on the findings, the dealer’s mechanics can address any potential issues, ensuring the car is road-safe.

According to KTNV, the process is akin to an MRI scan for automobiles. Emmanuel Epino, General Manager at Findlay Cadillac, praised the AI-backed system for its accuracy, noting that it detects issues that technicians might sometimes overlook.

Daniel Frandsen from UVEye stated that their automated vehicle inspection system can quickly identify defects, such as oil leaks, which would usually take much longer for a technician to discover through a thorough inspection.

Importantly, at Findlay Cadillac, adopting AI did not lead to job losses in the service department. Instead, it generated additional work for technicians, keeping them occupied with repairs that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

The General Manager pointed out that the only potential downside for customers is the discovery of previously unknown defects, which could incur costs. However, he emphasized that identifying potential issues early is preferable, as it allows for repairs before any problems arise on the road.


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