BMW is said to be bringing back the 6 Series

It’s rumored to replace the 8 Series in 2026.

Automakers like BMW are constantly refining their lineups. If a model doesn’t sell as expected, the company may reevaluate its offerings. A recent report suggests that the German automaker is set to revive the 6 Series, which will replace the 8 Series in the lineup. The report also indicates that BMW plans to discontinue the XM SUV.

This information comes from Automotive News, citing an anonymous source within the supply chain industry. The source claims that the new 6 Series will debut in the second half of 2026, following the end of 8 Series production.

The revived 6 Series is expected to fill a similar role as the 8 Series, with BMW allegedly offering it in both coupe and convertible forms. Currently, the 8 Series is available in two-door, four-door, and convertible body styles.

The 6 Series departed from the United States market in 2019, shortly after BMW launched the 8 Series. There was a significant price difference between the two models, as the 8 Series began at a price point exceeding $110,000. The upcoming iteration is expected to utilize BMW’s CLAR platform, capable of supporting gasoline, hybrid, and battery-electric drivetrains.

The BMW XM plug-in hybrid SUV, despite being relatively new, reportedly won’t see a successor once production concludes in late 2028, according to Automotive News’ source. Originally, BMW planned to introduce an all-electric version, but those plans have allegedly been scrapped.

However, BMW Blog casts doubt on this new report. According to their own sources, BMW currently has no intentions to bring back the 6 Series or discontinue the XM. A BMW spokesperson informed a car media that “there are currently no plans to reintroduce the BMW 6 Series to the market for model year 2026, despite widespread speculation in the automotive media.”


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