Dozen of Classic Cars Recovered From Canadian Barn Theft

Authorities discovered 16 cars valued at $3 million and arrested two individuals in connection with the investigation.

  • Canadian police recently uncovered 16 stolen classic cars following a months-long investigation.
  • They also arrested two individuals in connection with the crimes.
  • The vehicles are valued at approximately $3 million.

Ontario Provincial Police Uncover Multi-Million Dollar Stolen Vintage Car Hoard

The discovery of barn finds often generates headlines on its own. Elevate the excitement with the unearthing of over a dozen vintage cars, and the story becomes even more noteworthy. Now, layer on top of that the revelation that these cars, valued at roughly $3 million, were stolen.

That’s precisely what the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) recently uncovered following an extensive investigation.

The efforts culminated in the execution of a search warrant by the police on May 14. During the operation, the vehicles were discovered in Stirling, a quaint town north of Belleville, Canada. Officials emphasize that this accomplishment was made possible through the combined efforts of various units, including the OPP Fleet, Supply and Weapons Services Bureau, Central Hastings OPP Crime Unit, and Emergency Response Team.

Additionally, support from the OPP-led Provincial Auto Theft and Towing (PATT) Team and the OPP-led Provincial Asset Forfeiture Unit (PAFU) played a crucial role. Such a substantial collaboration undoubtedly resulted in a significant breakthrough.

Collaborative Efforts Essential in Combatting Auto Theft and Fraud

The officers didn’t provide an exhaustive inventory of their findings, but two photos offer a glimpse. Among the treasures showcased are numerous classic Chevrolet Corvettes, Ford Coupes, a Ford F-1 truck, and several hot rods.

While the operational status of these vehicles remains uncertain, they appear to be in good aesthetic condition. However, the outlook isn’t as favorable for the two individuals apprehended in connection with these vehicles.

As reported by GlobalNews, the individuals in question are identified as Robert Bradshaw and Gary Leblanc. They stand accused of multiple charges including theft of motor vehicles over $5,000, fraud over $5,000, using forged documents, and conspiracy to commit an indictable offense. Additionally, Leblanc faces a charge of uttering threats.

It appears that Bradshaw and Leblanc are no strangers to legal proceedings. In 2003, they pleaded guilty to ten distinct charges and incurred significant fines for breaches of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act.


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