GMC Yukon Beeping Problems? (13 Common Causes)

The GMC Yukon is a versatile full-size SUV that combines luxurious comfort with powerful performance.

Like other SUVs, it employs beeps, chimes, and alerts to communicate with the driver.

If your Yukon keeps beeping and the reason isn’t obvious, this guide is intended to assist you.

1. Objects on the Passenger Seat

Placing items like a laptop, a drinks bottle or groceries on the passenger seat may sometimes activate a chime. This happens because the vehicle’s sensors might interpret the weight of these objects as a passenger not using their seatbelt, causing the alert to sound.

To avoid this, you can fasten the seatbelt around the item on the passenger seat.

Faulty Seat Sensor

Several owners have encountered issues with a faulty passenger seat sensor, leading their Yukon to beep even when the passenger seat is vacant.

A temporary solution to this problem is to fasten the seatbelt, even with the seat unoccupied. For a permanent fix, replacing the sensor is recommended.

2. Key Fob Alerts

Key Fob Left in Vehicle Alert

The Remote Left in Vehicle Alert feature is designed to sound an alert when the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter is inadvertently left inside the vehicle.

When the vehicle is turned off and an RKE transmitter remains in the vehicle, the horn will emit three beeps after all doors are closed.

Key Fob Remote No Longer Left in Vehicle Alert

If the vehicle is on with a door open and then all doors are closed, the vehicle will check for RKE transmitters inside.

If an RKE transmitter is not detected, the Driver Information Center (DIC) will display NO REMOTE DETECTED and the horn will chirp three times.

This occurs only once each time the vehicle is driven.

How To Toggle These Alerts

The process for enabling or disabling these alerts may vary slightly depending on your Terrain model year. To access the Vehicle Personalization menu and adjust these settings, follow these steps:

  1. Touch the Settings icon located on the Home Page of the infotainment display.
  2. Select “Vehicle” to reveal a list of available options.
  3. Choose the desired feature setting by touching it.
  4. Use the “On” or “Off” options to toggle the alert feature.
  5. Return to the top level of the Settings menu by touching “X.”

Please note that adjusting the “Remote Left in Vehicle Alert” setting also affects the “Remote No Longer In Vehicle Alert.”

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3. Turn Signal Left On

Leaving the turn signal on in a GMC Yukon for an extended period, often beyond 3/4 of a mile, may trigger a chime.

This feature serves as a reminder for the driver to deactivate the turn signal after a turn or lane change is completed.

4. Weak Key Fob Battery

A weakening battery in the GMC Yukon’s key fob can lead to unexplained beeping due to erratic signals sent to the vehicle’s electronic system, which interprets these signals as commands or alerts.

Replacing the key fob battery is a common solution to stop the beeping.

5. Parking Brake Engaged

If the parking brake in the GMC Yukon remains engaged while driving, a chime will sound as a safety alert, reminding you to disengage the parking brake before continuing to drive.

6. Navigation System Alerts

The GMC Yukon’s navigation system may emit chimes for various reasons, such as approaching a school zone or a red light camera. These chimes can also indicate software updates or malfunctions within the system. Navigation chime volume can be adjusted in the settings.

7. Door Latch Issues

Faulty door latches or sticking mechanisms can cause the vehicle to incorrectly indicate that a door is open. Cleaning and lubricating all door mechanisms can solve this issue, ensuring smooth operation and correct signaling.

8. Door Sensor Issues

A faulty door sensor or hood latch sensor can cause beeping sounds in a vehicle because these sensors are integral to the car’s safety and security systems.

If these sensors malfunction and falsely indicate that a door or the hood is open, the vehicle’s system responds by alerting the driver through beeping sounds, aiming to prompt immediate action to ensure safety and security.

9. 12V Battery Problems

A drained 12V battery in a GMC Yukon can lead to electrical glitches and unexpected beeping noises. To evaluate the battery’s state, use a voltmeter to measure the voltage across its terminals. It’s also crucial to check for any loose connections at the terminals, as these can cause further electrical problems.

If the voltmeter shows a reading below 11 volts, it generally indicates that the battery is failing to adequately supply power to the Yukon’s electronic systems, which can trigger beeping sounds, indicating the need for battery replacement.

Many auto parts stores offer complimentary battery health checks, allowing you to verify the condition of your battery at no cost.

10. Tire Pressure and Fluid Levels

Regular checks on tire pressure and vehicle fluid levels, including engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid, can prevent issues that may cause beeping alerts.

11. Aftermarket Devices

Frequently, unexplained beeping sounds are the result of aftermarket electronic devices that do not trigger any warnings on the dashboard or Driver Information Center (DIC).

Typical culprits of these beeping sounds include:

  • Aftermarket security systems
  • Bluetooth dongles
  • Speed radar detectors
  • Vehicle dashcams, especially when encountering bumps
  • GPS tracking units
  • Devices for monitoring insurance usage

These beeps usually have a lower volume compared to the vehicle’s built-in beeps and chimes and can be more challenging to locate, particularly if concealed behind the dashboard.

Should you have examined your vehicle thoroughly and disconnected all possible devices without success, it might be time to consult with a skilled mechanic who can delve deeper into the issue and identify any unusual electrical problems.

12. External Sources of Beeping

Sometimes, the source of beeping may not be the GMC Yukon itself but other devices in or around the vehicle, like a wristwatch, a battery-operated electronic device, or alarms in your garage, indicating low battery or alerts.

13. Dash Camera

Numerous unexplained beeping sounds often originate from dash cameras. Adjusting the device’s settings may be necessary to turn off any bothersome noises. Additionally, checking for a loose connection or ensuring the SD card is correctly inserted can also resolve the issue.

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Additional Steps to Consider

Disconnect the Battery

Glitches in modern vehicles, which rely heavily on electronics, can cause mysterious beeps. Disconnecting the 12-volt battery’s negative (black) terminal for 10 to 20 minutes resets the vehicle’s systems.

Consult a Mechanic or Dealership

For unresolved issues after basic troubleshooting, seek an experienced mechanic or a local Chevrolet dealership. They possess the necessary tools and experience. If under warranty, prioritize the dealership and inquire about free initial diagnostics. Auto parts stores may offer free scans and advice.

Check for Recalls or TSBs

Use Chevy’s recall page with your car’s VIN to check for recalls. Google searches for Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) can reveal less serious issues causing beeps.

Use a Diagnostic Scanner

An OBD2 scanner, easily connected to the car’s OBD port, helps identify the issue. OBD apps allow smartphone connections for a convenient diagnosis. Research the codes online or consult vehicle-specific forums for advice.

Check the DIC (Driver Information Center)

When the beeping occurs can you see any lights come on at the same time on the DIC display? This can give a big clue as to what’s causing the beeping.


2023 GMC Yukon Owners Manual

2015 GMC Yukon Owners Manual


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