Honda and Sony Will Deepen Their Automotive Partnership to Collaborate on Building Electric Vehicles (EVs)

The 0 Series range of EVs will include seven models launching before 2031

Honda and Sony aim to enhance their automotive alliance, jointly developing EVs based on a shared platform for both the Afeela brand and Honda’s upcoming 0 Series of EVs.

The collaboration seeks to streamline costs and accelerate development timelines amid increasing competition from Chinese automakers. Honda’s forthcoming 0 Series EVs are anticipated to enter the U.S. market around $40,000, targeting a fiercely competitive segment. Meanwhile, pricing specifics for vehicles under the Sony and Honda Afeela partnership have yet to be disclosed.

According to Nikkei Asia, the platform constitutes approximately 10% of the total cost of an EV, and collaborating on platforms is expected to yield substantial savings and reduced prices compared to Honda independently developing a separate architecture for the 0 Series.

Honda’s upcoming generation of EVs will introduce seven models slated for release by 2031. With a commitment of 10 trillion yen (~$65 billion) to this series, Honda confirmed in May that these vehicles will incorporate an “ultra-thin battery pack” and a newly developed compact e-axle.

Insights gleaned from Honda’s Formula 1 and HEV models will influence the 0 Series. These include lightweight body frames and advanced power units that are both lighter and thinner than traditional systems. The platform supporting these vehicles will enable Honda to position batteries and power units exceptionally low, thereby lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity. This enhancement promises not only improved handling but also enhanced cabin space.

All vehicles introduced under the 0 Series will boast over 300 miles (480 km) of range. Although specifics on the battery pack capacity are pending, the Afeela sedan is confirmed to feature a 91 kWh lithium-ion pack, a specification likely shared by 0 Series models.

The initial trio of 0 Series EVs is scheduled for a 2026 debut, aligning with Sony and Honda’s anticipated launch of the inaugural Afeela EV in the same year.


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