Honda has confirmed that the Prelude concept will enter production in 2026

Honda has announced a new Prelude, but will it be available in the US? Here’s what we know.

The Honda Prelude Concept was a welcome surprise when it debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show last year. Since then, the company has confirmed that the Prelude concept will go into production, sparking a flurry of speculation.

Unfortunately, it won’t be as sporty as its appearance suggests, featuring an efficient hybrid powertrain beneath its sleek exterior. For context, the last Prelude produced only 200 horsepower when it left the American market at the end of 2001. The final production version is expected to closely resemble the concept, which we see as a positive—though it’s still unclear if Honda will sell it in the US.

Here’s what we know about the new Honda Prelude so far.

Honda’s new coupe will revive the Prelude name from the concept. Honda used this moniker for its two-door sports car from 1978 to 2001. The new Prelude will replace the discontinued Civic and Accord Coupes in Honda’s lineup and will act as a “prelude” to the electric vehicles the company plans to introduce in the coming years.

The Prelude concept previewed the model’s return as a two-door hybrid coupe. Honda tends to make its production models closely resemble their concepts, as seen with the Civic, and we expect the same for this new model.

The concept featured the classic coupe proportions of a short rear deck and long hood. It had a simple lower front grille opening beneath sleek headlights, and a full-width rear light bar within a black surround under a black deck-lid spoiler, enhancing its clean styling.

Honda has not revealed the Prelude’s interior in the concept. However, it will likely incorporate some familiar Honda design elements, potentially including unique Prelude branding and special seats.

Honda has officially announced that the coupe will feature a hybrid powertrain comprising two electric motors. According to the latest information, the Prelude will utilize the same 2.0-liter four-cylinder eengine found in the Accord and Civic hybrids. However, the Prelude is expected to boast slightly higher power output, estimated at 207 hp, surpassing both the new Civic Hybrid’s 200 hp and the Accord’s 204 hp.

These figures are consistent with statements from Honda’s chief engineer, Tomoyuki Yamagami, who indicated that the Prelude wouldn’t prioritize sportiness. Additionally, the inclusion of a continuously variable transmission in the coupe aligns with this stance, as the Civic remains the sole model available with a manual gearbox.


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