How Long Do Audi A8 Last? (Solved & Explained)

The Audi A8 is a luxurious and technologically advanced full-size sedan, known for its sophisticated design, cutting-edge features, and impressive performance.

If you’re contemplating a purchase, you might want to find out more about the Audi A8’s durability and longevity.

We’ll cover that in this article…

How Long Will An Audi A8 Last?

On average, an Audi A8 is expected to last over 200,000 miles with proper maintenance. Annual servicing and timely repairs are critical for reaching the higher end of this range. Factors that can affect this lifespan include driving style, climate, and how well the vehicle’s owner adheres to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

Audi A8 Longevity

Volkswagen, the German automotive giant, is the parent company of Audi, and while neither brand is widely praised for reliability, it is reasonable to assert that their vehicles are engineered to last.

In a recent Consumer Reports survey, Audi ranked 15th out of 28 car brands for reliability, while Volkswagen secured the 24th position.

Numerous indicators suggest that an Audi A8 can achieve a mileage of 200,000 miles, with some listings on used car websites boasting figures around the 250,000-mile mark.

However, once a vehicle accumulates significant mileage, its dependability tends to decline, and if a major component like the engine or transmission fails, the repair costs may surpass the car’s value.

Typical of luxury European cars, post-warranty repair expenses, encompassing both parts and labor, can be notably high.

The longevity of your A8 hinges largely on meticulous care, driving habits, and, to some extent, luck.

While these cars are engineered for speed and performance, driving in a manner reminiscent of a high-speed pursuit seen in James Bond films will accelerate wear and tear, potentially shortening the vehicle’s lifespan.

Critical to preserving the life expectancy of your Audi A8 is avoiding neglect of factors such as:

  • using quality parts
  • attending regular service appointments
  • adhering to routine oil changes
  • regular car washes
  • performing tire rotations
  • adopting a smooth driving style.

Audi provides a 4-year/50,000-mile basic warranty and a 4-year/50,000-mile powertrain warranty.

What Do Owners Say?

Many owners have stated that they aim to hit the 300k mark before their A8 makes its way to the scrap heap.

“My ’04 (bought used, two years old with 56,000 miles) now has 138,000 miles and I fully intend to get 300,000 miles before it goes to the scrap heap. Still rides awesome.” –

“I also feel that Audi’s are designed for 250-300k miles minimum.” –

“I have a 2010 Audi A8L with 230K Miles. I have had no engine or transmission issues at all. I have had to change one Air Suspension $500; Control Arms, a thermostat and a few oil gaskets but other than it has been great. I still drive it on Long trips in excess of 1,000 miles and it still runs like new. I love this car and ca see it run for another 100K miles.” –

“I’ve got 117k on my ’04 and am hoping to hit 300k.” –

How Long Do Audi A8 Last Compared To Similar Vehicles

When compared to its luxury sedan counterparts, the Audi A8 holds its own:

Mercedes-Benz S-Class: 200,000+ miles

The Audi A8 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class are both luxury sedans known for their opulent interiors and advanced technology features, but the A8 is often praised for its sleek and modern design, while the S-Class is renowned for its unparalleled comfort and innovative safety technologies.

Both models are expected to last over 200,000 miles.

BMW 7 Series: 200,000+ miles

The Audi A8 and BMW 7 Series are both high-end luxury sedans, with the A8 often praised for its cutting-edge technology and stylish design, while the 7 Series is known for its dynamic driving performance and intuitive infotainment system.

They are engineered with high-quality materials and precision, allowing them to endure and maintain their luxury standards over time, suggesting that with proper maintenance, both models have the potential to last over 200,000 miles.

Lexus LS: 250,000+ miles

The Lexus LS and Audi A8 are esteemed luxury sedans, but the Lexus LS is often considered to have a potential longevity edge due to Lexus’s reputation for long-term reliability.

While the Audi A8 is celebrated for its modern design and cutting-edge technology, the Lexus LS is often praised for its renowned reliability.

Audi A8 Reliability

The Audi A8’s reliability is considered average for its luxury segment. Consumer ratings vary, with some placing the A8 as average in reliability and others below average.

Advanced features and technology add complexity, which can lead to potential electrical and suspension system issues, potentially resulting in costly repairs.

Engine reliability is generally good, but there are reports of occasional oil leaks and turbocharger problems.

  • Maintenance costs for the A8 tend to be higher than for non-luxury vehicles.
  • Regular maintenance is crucial for keeping the A8 reliable.
  • Prospective owners should be mindful of the ownership costs and consider the vehicle’s service history and possibly an extended warranty for long-term reliability assurance.

Audi A8 models typically provide a dependable driving experience. But like all vehicles, reliability largely depends on routine maintenance and the year of the model. On average, the A8 can perform reliably with proper care and servicing.

What Problems Do Audi A8 Have?

The Audi A8 may experience several common issues:

Electrical Issues:

  • Sensors in the Audi A8 can fail, triggering dashboard warning lights and affecting vehicle performance.
  • The Multi Media Interface (MMI) may experience glitches or failures, affecting the infotainment and navigation systems.

Suspension Components:

  • The air suspension system can leak or fail, resulting in an uneven ride and potentially expensive repairs.

Engine Concerns:

  • Turbochargers can suffer from leaks or wear, leading to power loss and increased exhaust smoke.
  • Oil leaks from gaskets or seals can cause low oil levels and possible engine damage if not addressed.

What Is The Best And Worst Audi A8 Years

Best Years for Audi A8:

  • 2009: Known for its reliability and fewer reported issues.
  • 2019: Improved technology and performance.

Worst Years for Audi A8:

  • 2004: Issues with the transmission and electrical components.
  • 2013: Concerns with the oil strainer and engine problems.

Audi A8 Component Lifespan

How Long Do The Brakes Last?

Audi A8 brake pads typically last between 30,000 to 70,000 miles, depending on driving habits and conditions. Brake disc longevity can slightly surpass that of brake pads but also varies with use.

How Long Do The Tires Last?

Tires on an Audi A8 can last between 25,000 to 50,000 miles. Factors like driving style, tire quality, and alignment significantly affect lifespan.

How Long Do Audi A8 Engines Last?

Audi A8 engines are typically designed for longevity, with many reaching 200,000 miles when properly maintained. Regular oil changes and adherence to service intervals are critical for achieving this lifespan.

How Long Do Audi A8 Batteries Last?

  • The average lifespan of an Audi A8 battery is around 5 to 7 years.
  • Factors such as climate and driving habits can influence battery life.

How Long Do The Spark Plugs Last?

Audi A8 spark plugs generally need replacement at the following intervals:

  • Standard copper spark plugs: every 30,000 miles
  • Iridium and platinum spark plugs: every 60,000 to 90,000 miles


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