How Long Do Subaru Outback Tires Last? (With Examples)

The Subaru Outback is one of the more popular vehicles for people who lead an active lifestyle and is the ideal car to help get you to your next adventure safely.

But, like any vehicle, the tires on a Subaru Outback should be maintained and will need replacing after a certain amount of time.

How long do the tires on a Subaru Outback last? And when should you look at changing them? We’ve got the facts for you…

A Short Answer to How Long a Subaru Outback Tires will Last:

The tires on a Subaru Outback should last between 30,000 and 50,000 miles on average. It is however important to note that the vehicle’s all-wheel-drive system can wear out the tires a bit faster than others, and realistically the figure is closer to 40,000 miles on average.

This equates to roughly two to four years of driving but varies according to the amount of driving and type of driving you do in your Subaru Outback.

How many Miles do Subaru Outback Tires Last?

In order to get a more accurate figure on just how many miles you can expect from the tires on your Subaru Outback, let’s take a look at what a few owners had to say about their tires:

One owner highlighted the importance of rotating his tires, saying that doing this adds a few extra miles onto the lifespan of his tires:

“I got 57k miles on my original Conti’s, and could have gotten a bit more, but I wanted fresh tread for winter.The second set of tires were the slightly different (a bit “harder”) Conti Pro-Contact ECO’s, which now have 52k miles on them, with non-trivial tread left. I’ll probably take them to 60k or maybe a bit beyond, and change them at the start of this coming winter. I rotate them every 10k miles, but they seem to wear very evenly, front to back, so it might not be necessary to rotate that often.”

Another had this to say:

“I was going to replace ours this fall. 3 years and 35-40k miles.”

One owner made this remark about getting 60, 000 miles from his tires:

“From what I am reading, it sounds like I am exceptionally lucky to have gotten 60k out of my stock Contis. My commute is a 100 mile round trip on a fairly smooth highway, so I rarely encounter extreme road conditions. I’m guessing that plays a part in their longevity. They’ve been good tires…not great, not poor…just right in the middle.”

It is important to note from the above that driving conditions, the distance you regularly drive, and rotating your tires all have an impact on their lifespan.

If you are getting less than the average mileage from your tires, it might be time to switch to a different brand or consider changing your tires more regularly.

How do you Know when to Replace the Tires?

There are a few key signs that you should look out for that indicate it is time to change the tires on your Subaru Outback.

Here are our top 5 signs:

#1: The Depth of the Tread

If you’re in the states, laws require that you change your tires when you get to about 2/32” of the tread. You can measure the tread with a tread depth gauge or pop into your local tire supplier for assistance.

Tread depth is measured by looking at the distance between the base of the tread groove and the outer tread.

Anything less than 2/32” is a hazard and could lead to an accident.

#2: Wear and Tear of the Tread

Take note of the wear bars on your tires.

This is indicated by the number on the tread of the tire.

Tires with a high wear bar should be good for a few thousand miles more than those with a lower bar, but again, this is dependent on your style of driving and how much driving you do.

#3: Vibrations While Driving

Vibrations while driving are never a good sign. If you have recently rotated or changed your tires and feel a vibration in your car, get it checked immediately.

Speed, no matter how fast, should never cause a vibration, and it is a likely sign that there could be a problem with your tires. This could range from the lug nuts being too tight or the pressure is not as it should be. 

#4: Age of the Tires

Pay close attention to the manufacturer information of the tires you choose for your Subaru Outback.

Each tire comes with an expected lifespan which should not be ignored.

Change your tires if you are close to hitting that lifespan, and rotate your tires in between to reduce the wear on the back tires.

#5: The Season

Winter brings cold rain and snow, and this is when you should consider changing your tires to a more wet-weather-friendly tire.

These tires are designed for use in wet conditions and will ensure that you get to your destination safely.

It is also important to park or store your car properly, as exposure to the elements can severely diminish the lifespan of your tires.

How to Make your Tires Last Longer:

You can increase the lifespan of your tires by following the manufacturer’s instructions on tire pressure, wear and tear, balancing, and wheel alignment. Here are a few tips on how to get the most from your tires:

Tire pressure and inflation

The correct tire pressure affects not only the safety and handling of your Subaru Outback but the fuel economy and tire life too.

Over – or under-inflated tires are a hazard and can lead to poor handling of your vehicle.

Follow the guide that is available on the inside door panel, and remember to check your tire pressure often.

Wear and Tear

Keep a close eye on the wear and tear of tires. Take note of the tread depth, signs of aging, and if you experience any vibrations while driving.

Balancing and Wheel Alignment

Ensuring that your tires are properly aligned can increase the lifespan of your tires by up to 30% and has a positive impact on your Subaru Outback’s fuel economy too.

Ensure that your wheels are balanced and also have them aligned when rotating or changing tires.

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How Much do New Subaru Outback Tires Cost?

Depending on the brand of tire you buy, a new tire for a Subaru Outback can set you back anywhere between $100 and $300 on average.

Shop around and get the best deal.

What Are the Best Subaru Outback Tires?

Your choice of tires usually depends on the amount of driving you do, where you drive to, and of course, your budget. Here are our top 3 picks of the best tires for the Subaru Outback:

Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport: Bridgestones latest offering is one of the best budget tires for the Subaru Outback. The tires have good safety ratings and provide good performance.

Michelin CrossClimate SUV: The CrossClimate range of Michelin tires is among the best for those whose budget allows for a more superior tire. They are great for all seasons and have great safety and reliability ratings.

Hankook Dynapro HT RH12: Hankook tires are the ideal mid-range tires for the Subaru Outback. The tires are good for wet and dry conditions and provide good traction and safety.

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What Pressure Should Subaru Outback Tires Be?

The tire pressure for the Subaru Outback is 32psi or 2.2 bar.

These recommendations are conveniently found on the sticker located on the inside door panel.

Never over-inflate your tires, and pay close attention to manufacturer recommendations to increase the lifespan of the tires.


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