Lexus LBX Morizo RR: A Luxurious Spin on the GR Corolla

Introduction to the Lexus LBX Morizo RR

The Lexus LBX Morizo RR concept, showcased at the Tokyo auto show, offers a luxurious twist on Toyota’s GR Corolla. This new model transforms the European-market LBX crossover into a more upscale version, featuring the same 300-hp engine from the exhilarating GR Corolla.

Power and Performance

Under the hood, the Morizo RR boasts the dynamic 300-hp turbocharged three-cylinder engine from the Toyota GR Corolla. This engine is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission, differentiating it from the manual-only GR Corolla. The model’s performance is anticipated to be on par with the GR Corolla, given their similar sizes and weights, suggesting impressive acceleration and speed capabilities.

Design Enhancements

The LBX Morizo RR distinguishes itself with unique design elements. It sports muscular bumpers and eye-catching yellow accents on the grille and brake calipers. These enhancements not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also signal the vehicle’s high performance. The concept model also features larger front and rear rotors compared to the GR Corolla, and it is fitted with wider tires, which are expected to improve its handling and driving dynamics.

Comparison with the Toyota GR Corolla

The GR Corolla is known for its sharp styling, powerful 300-hp turbocharged engine, and an advanced all-wheel-drive system. However, its interior falls short of luxury expectations, especially when compared to the starting price of $37,595. The Lexus LBX Morizo RR concept aims to address this by offering a more luxurious version of the GR Corolla, encapsulated in a crossover design.

Transmission and Future Prospects

Unlike the GR Corolla, the Lexus LBX is equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission. This gearbox choice is also planned for the GR Yaris, which shares the same powertrain. This development suggests that an automatic option might soon be available for the GR Corolla. The LBX Morizo RR’s design changes include a restyled bumper, larger grille, and lower intakes, alongside upgraded tires, enhancing its overall performance and aesthetic appeal.

Potential for Production

While the Lexus LBX Morizo RR remains a concept, its introduction might be a strategic move by Toyota to gauge interest in a production version. The name ‘Morizo’ holds significance, being an alias of former CEO and current chairman Akio Toyoda, used in his racing endeavors. However, even if the concept progresses to production, it’s unlikely that the LBX will be available in the United States market.


The Lexus LBX Morizo RR represents a fascinating blend of luxury and performance, building upon the foundation set by the Toyota GR Corolla. With its enhanced design, powerful engine, and upgraded features, this concept car could potentially pave the way for a new segment of luxury crossovers. However, its future, particularly in the American market, remains uncertain.


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