Long-Awaited Secret Cadillac Coupe Unveiled After Six Years

The striking Cadillac coupe prototype incorporates design elements from the Escala concept.

Six years ago, we reported on a mysterious Cadillac coupe revealed in a design patent. The company kept details under wraps until now, finally showcasing it on Instagram.

Revealed as part of GM Design’s From the Vault series, the mysterious model is known as the ‘expressive coupe’ study and is simply stunning. It combines elements from the Escala concept with modern design cues, resulting in a beautiful car and one of the coolest creations from GM since the Buick Avista concept.

The company provided limited information about the car, stating that the “coupe was created as an internal exploration of Cadillac aesthetics. It influenced a portfolio of current products, including the CT5 and CT5 V-Blackwing.”

Unfortunately, the CT5 doesn’t quite match the coupe’s striking appearance. However, it features an expressive front fascia with sleek headlights, robust intakes, and a wide grille, complemented by a sculpted hood and bright trim.

Moving further back, the design features a long hood that transitions into a sleek windscreen and a sloping roof. Below, the bodywork flows gracefully with a prominent shoulder line, sizable wheels, and a distinctive rear end.

The interior is somewhat minimalistic, featuring leather seats with elegant belts, a rotary controller or shifter, metal speaker grilles, and subtle wood trim.

Regrettably, this study never entered production, and Cadillac has since discontinued coupes altogether.


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