7 Luxury Cars with the Best Visibility (With Pictures)

When looking at the safety of a car, one of the key aspects we assess is visibility.

A clear view of the road ahead and good side and rear visibility is crucial, and without it lives can be put in danger.

Thanks to advancements in the motor industry, technology and visibility now go hand in hand, and many motor manufacturing giants harness this to increase their safety ratings and improve driver visibility.

Listed below are seven luxury cars with the best visibility.

#1 Lexus ES

Consumer Report gives the Lexus ES their highest safety rating for visibility and safety technology.

Also the holder of the “top safety pick” from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, the ES has impeccable forward visibility.

Lexus definitely didn’t skimp on safety when they designed the attractive ES, and this is seen in the many technological safety elements they have incorporated in their luxury vehicle.

The car features an impressive 360-degree all-around view camera, along with sensors to alert the driver of any potential hazards that might be lurking.

Lexus has also included a pre-collision system in the ES, which consists of pedestrian detection, lane tracing assist, and a backup camera on the tailgate to make reversing that much easier.

These systems use various cameras and millimeter-wave radar to detect even the slightest movement around the car, and is used to identify cars, pedestrians and cyclists that could cross paths with the vehicle.

#2 Tesla Model S

Technology and a luxury design are things that people have come to expect from Tesla, and the Model S is no different.

This sleek, sexy luxury vehicle has excellent visibility thanks to its frameless doors and streamlined pillars.

While the rear view is slightly hampered by a curvature of the rear windscreen and thicker rear pillars, Tesla have pulled out all the stops to increase the safety and visibility of their Model S.

With rear-parking sensors and cameras, parking is a breeze. And though the car has a number of cameras located all around the car for the Autopilot function, they do not offer a 360-degree of the exterior of the vehicle.

As expected, the Tesla Model S is fast becoming one of the most popular luxury vehicles to own, making it a top rival to renowned car manufacturers Audi and BMW.

But to some, the Tesla Model S surpasses these greats for its advanced design and technological savvy.

While it may be the only electric luxury car on our list, the Tesla Model S is renowned for its safety and technology, making it a worthy addition and one to watch out for.  

#3 Jaguar XJ

If sleek and sporty is what you are after in a luxury vehicle, the Jaguar XJ has got it all.

With beyond-incredible forward and rear visibility, the Jaguar XJ might just be the top contender for the number one spot on our list of luxury cars with the best visibility.

Safety is certainly paramount for Jaguar, as they have introduced a number of technological safety features to further enhance the safety of their luxury XJ.

Now offering advanced driver assist systems, Jaguar have added lane keep assist, driver condition monitoring technologies and blind spot monitor assist.

Say goodbye to navigating tricky turns as you use the latest and greatest technologies to improve your visibility while out and about in the Jaguar XJ.

But, that’s not all as the savvy Jaguar XJ also offers reverse traffic detection and parking assistance.

These additional safety features not only improve the overall safety of the Jaguar XJ, but make it a luxury vehicle that any safety-minded car owner will be proud to own.

There is no doubting the luxury of a Jaguar, and with high safety and design ratings, the XJ is in a world of its own when it comes to class and sophistication.

#4 BMW 7 Series

BMW is yet to let fans of this luxury vehicle down as they continuously strive to improve the safety of their cars with each series.

The BMW 7 series has surpassed many car enthusiasts’ expectations with exceptional forward visibility while on the road.

The luxury vehicle has a sleek, wider-than-before windscreen, giving an unobstructed view of the road ahead at all times.

Additional safety features of the BMW 7 series now include lane keep assist technology, driver attention detection, and of course a reverse camera and blind spot monitoring system.

While some critics have had a lot to say about the rear visibility on the BMW 7 series, we have found that the rear visibility is by no means poor, as designers have changed the angle of the rear windscreen and narrowed the pillars to assist with a better rear view.

While these features may have hampered the rear visibility in the past, an updated design has corrected this shortfall significantly.

BMW is renowned for its luxury, and the BMW 7 series offers customizable technology that guarantees luxury and safety like never before.

With critics calling it one of the most luxurious cars ever created, one would do well with owning a BMW 7 Series, if not for its safety but luxury too.

#5 Mercedes Benz S-Class

Owning a Mercedes Benz S-class automatically gives you status and credibility.

Now with more luxurious features and a host of new and improved technologies, the Mercedes Benz S-Class is THE luxury car for safety on the road.

The S-Class has a wide, slightly curved windscreen, allowing for excellent visibility whether on country roads or the highway. Along with a premium interior Mercedes Benz’s luxury S-Class also features driver-assist features that improve the overall safety of the driver and passengers.

Lane change assist, a 360-degree all-round view, and blind spot monitoring are only a few of the fantastic technological features of the S-Class, as it also offers a 3D driver display, driver monitoring system, and parking assist.

The Mercedes Benz S-Class uses radar, optical, and ultrasonic sensors to keep the vehicle safely on the road, giving the driver and passengers a safe, comfortable drive in one of the most luxurious cars currently available.

#6 Infiniti Q50

The 2021 model of Nissan’s luxury vehicle, the Infiniti Q50, offers excellent, clear visibility of the road ahead.

With a wide, markedly curved windscreen, the Infinity Q50 provides an unobstructed front and side view, making even the most daunting corners a breeze to navigate.

While many car critics have noted that the rear visibility is not as worthy of mention, the driver-assist technology of Nissan’s luxury vehicle all but makes up for this slight shortfall.

Offering blind-spot-monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert, the safety features of the Infiniti Q50 are unparalleled and also include lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assist to keep the car and its passengers safe on the road.

Overall, the Infiniti Q50 is a stylish, luxury vehicle with impeccable upmarket trimmings and details, giving owners a comfortable ride in style.

Now with additional safety and technology features, the Q50 is at the top of many car enthusiasts’ lists as the car to own.

#7 Audi A8

The last luxury vehicle on our list is by no means the least.

The Audi A8, first released in 1994, is still considered to be one of the most luxurious cars currently on the road.

With this premium German brand, you can rest assured that the vehicle uses only the newest technologies to improve its safety ratings.

The Audi A8 comes with great forward and rear visibility, giving drivers a clear view of any hazards or potential risks while on the road.

Using infrared technology in their pedestrian detection system to detect the presence of any passengers in the path of the vehicle, the risk of a possible collision is reduced.

Other notable features on the Audi A8 include a rearview camera, parking assist, and a number of sensors to alert the driver of any hazards on the exterior of the vehicle.

The anti-collision technology of the Audi A8 has only ever been seen in its top rival, the BMW 7 series, making it one of the safest cars on the road.

A display screen and external sensors alert the driver to possible obstructions all around the vehicle, and the handy night vision setting allows for double the visibility at night.

As always, the sleek, seductive design of the Audi A8 guarantees luxury like no other and is what attracts many buyers to dig deep into their pockets for the chance to own one of these luxury vehicles.


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