Man Who Purchased 200 Land Rover Defenders in 2015 Could Earn Millions by Selling Them

Charles Fawcett made a bulk purchase before Land Rover discontinued the model.

A man who purchased over 200 Land Rover Defenders less than ten years ago is now profiting from them, with their value reaching hundreds of thousands of pounds.

What might have seemed like an odd or risky investment in 2015 could now make him a substantial profit.

Charles Fawcett, the founder and owner of Twisted, a British automotive company, modifies older Land Rover Defenders and sells them as custom vehicles to customers seeking a unique ride.

In 2015, Fawcett purchased 200 Land Rover Defenders. (twisted)

He made the bulk purchase just before production of the iconic model ceased in 2015. It turns out people are willing to spend up to £220,000 on one of these custom-made vehicles.

The 4x4s are specifically modified to meet the bespoke criteria of the company’s clients. Fawcett and Twisted are steadily working through the ones they have in storage.

They are in excellent condition, with all vehicles for sale having fewer than 30 miles on the odometer—essentially brand new.

Each one is based on the XS Spec, the highest level of Land Rover Defender available at the time. Charles went directly to the source to make his purchase.

The custom models are available for purchase on their website (Twisted).

He told The Sun, “I went to the Defender production line at Solihull to meet the men and women building the vehicles.

“These sixteen 110s were hand-picked for their chassis numbers and build dates.

“They were all registered in 2016—after production ceased—identifying them among the last off the line and, arguably, more collectible.

“They’re special, and when modified by Twisted, each one is unique.

“Hence the limited run is called One of One.”

If you had wanted to buy one of these back in 2015, it would have cost you around £35,000, but these 16 cars are far from ordinary.

They offer a choice of petrol or diesel engines, upgraded brakes, suspension, wheels, tires, and custom LED lighting.

Additionally, they feature a modern infotainment system, soundproofing, and leather interiors, providing a level of comfort not typically associated with the original Defenders.

You can choose from one of the pre-designed vehicles or customize your own. (Twisted)

According to Charles, customization options are nearly limitless, within the realm of possibility.

He continued, stating, “All 16 vehicles will be Twisted, tailored to suit the lifestyle and preferences of each customer.” The Twisted approach isn’t about dictating what a Defender should be; it’s about collaborating with clients to craft a Defender that perfectly matches their needs.”

Currently, diesel versions are available for £135,000 plus VAT, while the more robust petrol models are priced at £184,000 plus VAT.

For those seeking a bespoke creation, orders can be placed now for delivery next year.


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