Rivian R1T Owners Complain of Wheels Detaching Following Maintenance

The problem seems to be limited to cases where the upper control arm fastener is improperly tightened.

Every vehicle has its imperfections, just as every person does. Errors can occur during manufacturing or servicing, but the last thing owners anticipate is that maintenance could result in heightened risk. Regrettably, this is reportedly the situation for some Rivian owners currently. They are experiencing instances where wheels detach following what appears to be routine maintenance or minor service tasks. The issue seems to have been ongoing since 2022.

Recently, a Rivian R1T owner shared online their experience with the front passenger wheel. According to the user StrangeExchange86, it came off after Rivian serviced the tonneau cover “and a few other items.” While driving over some train tracks, they heard an unusual noise and ended up with a wheel that resembled Lightning McQueen’s best impression.

Delve further into his Reddit post and you’ll uncover additional accounts from others detailing similar, if not more alarming, incidents with the identical problem. Another Rivian owner stated that the service center “didn’t properly torque/install the nut on the control arm. Nearly had a serious accident while driving on the interstate. Two weeks later, it occurred once more.”

Another individual reported receiving a vehicle with only 44 miles on it, yet found a bolt from a lower control arm nearly completely dislodged.

Regarding negative experiences with Rivian, the same person commented, “It’s typical of these new EV car companies. The upside is that everything should be fixable. The downside is it might spend a lot of time in the shop. It is what it is. Communication isn’t great. Ever tried Tesla? They’re awful and much more established.”

The willingness to tolerate bolts that resemble the one depicted in the photo below, shared by Reddit user Nototrader who recently took delivery and noted the truck felt strange while driving, seems almost unbelievable.

All of these incidents lead us back to a recall that occurred in late 2022. During that time, Rivian recalled 12,212 vehicles, including the EDV, the R1T, and the R1S, due to issues with the upper control arm fastener. “A loose steering knuckle fastener could separate, leading to a loss of vehicle control and increasing the risk of a crash,” it was stated at the time.

It’s possible that in some or all of the cases mentioned above, these vehicles have not undergone the recall procedure. Alternatively, they may have been inadvertently excluded from the recall population when they should have been included.

According to the most recent owner’s post, the recall had already been performed on his truck. All we can emphasize is that if you own one of these vehicles, ensure that the upper control arm fastener is correctly torqued.

We reached out to Rivian for their comments on the incidents shared on Reddit. They have informed us that they are currently investigating and will provide further information at the earliest opportunity.


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