You Can Now Sleep Among the Cars: The Ferrari Museum Is Listed on Airbnb

The bedroom might be a little intimidating, but for Ferrari fans, it’s the weekend of a lifetime.

Sleep Among Ferraris at the Ferrari Museum on Airbnb

We’ve all fantasized about the ideal Italian vacation: savoring delicious food, sipping exquisite wine, and soaking in the country’s rich beauty and history.

And naturally, spending the night in a circular bed, in a dim room, surrounded by Ferraris aimed right at you. If that’s your dream, you’re in luck—the Ferrari Museum is now available on Airbnb.

There’s a small catch—you need to book your stay at the Ferrari Museum during the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix, so make sure your schedule is clear in two weeks. Still, it’s the trip of a lifetime for any Ferrari fan.

Hot Laps with Former F1 Driver Marc Gené in the Ferrari 296 GTB

Your host for the stay will be Marc Gené, a former F1 driver and Ferrari tester. Not only will you sleep in the museum, but you’ll also experience thrilling hot laps with Gené at the wheel, zooming around the iconic Fiorano race track where Ferrari tests its cars in Maranello. These hot laps will be in the Ferrari 296 GTB, boasting a staggering 818 horsepower hybrid engine.

While in Maranello, indulge in dining at Cavallino, the restaurant founded by Enzo Ferrari himself. You’ll dine in the very room where Enzo enjoyed numerous post-race meals, surrounded by walls adorned with historic photos of him, victory celebrations, and iconic cars. Like everything else in Maranello, Cavallino is a true homage to Ferrari.

The highlight of the package awaits on race day. You’ll receive VIP tickets to witness the Italian GP and gain exclusive access to Ferrari’s race paddock. For Ferrari enthusiasts, or even just F1 fans, this promises to be an unforgettable experience.

A Dream or Nightmare? Let’s Dive into the Details!

Now, let’s delve into the actual sleeping arrangements. While the idea of sleeping among Ferraris sounds exciting, the reality might not be as enjoyable.

It’s not because you’ll be close to the cars, but rather due to the room resembling something out of a David Cronenberg film. Picture this: a circular red bed, crafted from the same materials as Ferrari seats, placed in the center of a pitch-black room on a two-step-high pedestal.

Surrounding you are various Ferrari F1 cars from different eras, all pointed downward as you sleep. Above, a massive circular light shines directly on you, with F1 starting lights positioned between each car. It’s a tad eerie.

As for the cost and availability of this experience post-Italian Grand Prix, there’s no official information yet. However, bookings will open tomorrow. If you’re a die-hard Tifoso longing to immerse yourself in the Ferrari world, seize this opportunity!


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