Tesla Cybertruck Transforms into Robocop with New Police Upgrade.

The Cybertruck is being prepared for police duty later this year, equipped with lights, sirens, radios, and other tactical features.

  • UP.FIT, a division of Unplugged Performance, has announced plans to modify Tesla Cybertrucks for police use.
  • The patrol version of the Cybertruck will include a range of features such as lights, sirens, radio and computer equipment, and an optional front push bar.
  • Orders are now open, and UP.FIT anticipates that the first Cybertruck patrol vehicles will be deployed later this year.

If you spot a Tesla Cybertruck in your rearview mirror, you might be tempted to pull over—either to admire its angular design as it passes or because of its imposing, robotic appearance. However, you may soon have to pull over for a different reason. UP.FIT, a division of Tesla modifiers Unplugged Performance, has announced plans to start converting Cybertrucks for police duty, with the first deliveries anticipated later this year.

The Cybertruck won’t be the first Tesla that UP.FIT has adapted for police use, as they already offer packages for the Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X. The Cybertruck will be outfitted with various lights and sirens, including fender-mounted spotlights, a PA system, and enhanced radio and computer systems. Police departments can also opt for a front push bar, and the patrol-ready Cybertruck will ride on 18-inch forged wheels.

UP.FIT also offers modifications for the Cybertruck tailored for tactical, military, and search-and-rescue operations. They can install prisoner partitions, weapons storage, and K9 enclosures. Additionally, UP.FIT can upgrade the brakes and tires and adapt the truck for extreme off-road use. Starlink internet, provided by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, is also available as an option.

UP.FIT highlights the Cybertruck’s “stainless steel exoskeleton,” describing it as their “most ballistics capable” vehicle, with Tesla asserting that the bodywork can withstand gunfire from certain small arms. The company also commends the truck’s handling and driver-assistance technology, emphasizing these features as reasons why the Cybertruck is ideal for police duty. While no specific range or price was provided, UP.FIT mentions that its other Tesla police vehicles typically offer a range of 270 to 300 miles and cost around $90,000.

UP.FIT reports “substantial interest” in its police Cybertruck and announces that orders are now open, so be on the lookout. Spotting the massive Cybertruck on a highway median shouldn’t be too difficult.


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