Frank van Meel is confident that the electric BMW M3 will ‘surpass all competitors’

BMW M CEO Frank van Meel is enthusiastic about leveraging the sedan’s quad-motor setup.

While some automakers are altering their EV plans, BMW is forging ahead. The company plans to launch models based on its Neue Klasse platform within a few years, including high-performance M cars. For those concerned about the shift to electrification, BMW M CEO Frank van Meel offers reassurance, claiming that the electric M3 will “beat everything.”

In an interview with Motor Trend, van Meel expressed his enthusiasm for the car’s quad-motor configuration. He highlighted its capability to control the drivetrain and chassis “with one central logic,” resulting in a “neutral, linear, and predictable” performance car that should indeed have the power to surpass all competitors.

Frank Weber, BMW’s head of engineering and R&D, has hinted that the car will produce one megawatt of power, equivalent to 1,341 horsepower. This M car will boast unique battery chemistry and cooling systems, in-house designed e-motors, an 800-volt architecture, and specialized software to manage it all.

The automaker is also considering a lighter rear-wheel-drive variant that promises a different driving experience. With half the motors, it would likely produce around 670 horsepower, which is still substantial. Additionally, an electric M3 Touring based on the new architecture might be in the pipeline, although these exciting developments are still a few years away.

The Neue Klasse-based 3 Series is set to debut in 2026, followed by the M3 in 2027, with the wagon version likely arriving closer to the end of the decade.

As for the cost of this super-machine, it remains unknown. However, we hope the price doesn’t surpass all expectations. Bold cars with bold claims often come with equally bold price tags.


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