This Small EV Shattered a Mercedes-AMG One’s Track Record

It was 14.1 seconds faster around Hockenheim.

With a lap time of 1 minute and 38.5 seconds, the Mercedes-AMG One holds the record as the fastest production car with a license plate around Hockenheim. However, it is no longer the fastest car overall on this challenging German track. The tiny yet powerful McMurtry Speirling has surpassed it by an impressive 14.1 seconds, completing a lap of the Grand Prix (GP) course in just 1 minute and 24.4 seconds.

This diminutive EV is now the fastest closed-wheel car around Hockenheim, outperforming not only the AMG One but also a DTM race car. It broke the previous record set in 2020 during a Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters qualifying session by 3.9 seconds.

However, this comparison isn’t entirely fair since the Speirling is a purpose-built, track-only machine with a single seat and racing slicks. Despite this, it’s still an impressive achievement, especially considering the AMG One is essentially a road-legal F1 car, and the other is a DTM-spec racing machine. Additionally, the pint-sized electric car achieved this feat using only 75 percent of its available power and downforce, as the run was completed with a validation prototype.

The hot lap was performed on June 8, with former F1 driver Max Chilton behind the wheel. He also set the lap record at the Goodwood Festival of Speed with the same ultra-fast EV, completing the hill climb course in a blistering 39 seconds—a record that will be hard to beat.

Measuring 135.8 inches long, 62.2 inches wide, and just 40.1 inches tall, it makes the Miata look like a Super Duty by comparison. Weighing less than 2,200 pounds, it’s even lighter than an ND-generation MX-5 while packing roughly five times more horsepower. McMurtry quotes a peak output of around 1,000 horsepower, all of which is channeled to the rear wheels.


While the range isn’t specified, it’s not particularly relevant since the car’s primary purpose is to deliver neck-snapping acceleration. Despite its tiny size, engineers have managed to fit a 60-kWh battery, which can be charged in under 20 minutes. A fully charged battery provides enough power for 10 laps of Silverstone at full throttle.

Access to this extraordinary performance comes at a high price, with the McMurtry Spéirling costing £895,000 before taxes and delivery fees. At current exchange rates, that’s about $1.13 million. Only 100 units will be produced, with deliveries expected to begin in 2025.


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