Honda Ridgeline Beeping Problems? (12 Causes & Solutions)

The Honda Ridgeline is a great compact pickup truck.

Like all vehicles though, the Ridgeline makes beeping noises when something isn’t quite right.

In this article we’ll help you quickly get to the bottom of your beeps.

Honda Ridgeline Beeping

The most common of beeping from a Honda Ridgeline is due to the auto-lock walk-away feature. This feature can trigger a beeping noise for a number of different reasons but usually it means the truck hasn’t locked properly.

There could be a number of reasons why your Ridgeline keeps beeping but the number 1 cause is often related to the auto-lock feature.

Auto-lock Walk-Away Feature

A continuous beeping could be indicating that the walk-away auto-lock function has not activated and your truck has not locked.

This can happen for a few reasons, namely:

  • The smart entry remote has been left in the vehicle
  • A door has not been closed properly
  • The truck has not been turned off and you exited the vehicle with the smart entry remote
  • Its possible you walked away from the vehicle too quickly – stay within 5 feet of the vehicle when you get out and close all the doors and then wait until you hear a second beep before walking away.
  • Your mobile phone or other electronic devices could be interfering with the smart entry remote signal (very common).

To enable the walk-away auto-lock feature its very simple.

  1. With the vehicle in park and the ignition on, go to the ‘Home’ screen on the display and select ‘Settings’.
  2. Then select ‘Vehicle’
  3. Then select ‘Keyless Access Setup’
  4. Then select ‘Walk Away Auto Lock’
  5. From here you can either choose ‘Enable’ or ‘Disable’

Now when you exit the truck with the fob and all the doors and tailgate are shut properly, the car will beep once whilst you’re still in close proximity.

Then, when you are at least 8 feet away it will beep again to signal that everything is now locked.

Listen for both beeps to certain its locked.

Keys Left in the Trunk

If you left your key fob is in the trunk then this will trigger a beeping noise to alert you.

Truck Not Turned Off Properly

If you forget to turn off the engine by pushing the start/stop button and walk away from the vehicle, you will hear a beeping noise and be unable to lock it.

You might think it’s because you forgot to put the van in park when in fact it’s because the truck hasn’t been turned off.

Truck Left in Accesory Mode

If you left the truck in accessory mode this can trigger a beeping sound.

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Seatbelt Sensor

Another common cause for beeping is due to the passenger seatbelt sensor.

The sensor itself may be broken or it might be causing a beep if there is weight on the passenger seat such as groceries or your dog.

An easy test for this will be to fasten the seatbelt and see if the noise stops.

It’s a good idea to ensure all doors and the trunk are shut properly too.

Gauge Cluster

Its a good idea to check the gauge cluster to see if there are any warning lights on when you hear the beeping, this could indicate where the problem lies.

Accessory Plugged in 12V Outlet

Your Ridgeline for whatever reason may not like the accessory you have connected in the 12V Power Outlet.

Some owners have found by disconnecting their charging devices/electronics from the outlet the beeping has ceased.

Honda Ridgeline Fast Beeping

Fast or rapid beeping is an indication that the auto-lock walk-away feature has failed, and the truck is not locked. Make sure you manually lock the vehicle using your key fob if you hear the fast beeps.

The Honda owners manual states:

Auto lock function operation stop beeper

After the auto lock function has been activated, the auto lock operation stop beeper sounds for approximately two seconds in the following cases.

  • The smart entry remote is put inside the vehicle through a window.
  • You are located too close to the vehicle.
  • The smart entry remote is put inside the trunk.
  • If the warning beeper sounds, check that you are carrying the smart entry remote. Then, open/close door and confirm the auto lock activation beeper sounds once.

If you walk away from your Ridgeline whilst it’s still running with your key fob in your pocket this can cause a series of fast beeps.

This won’t necessarily stop the vehicle running, however if you or someone else were to drive off without the key fob, once you have stopped and turned the truck off you would be unable to start it again.

The fast beeps may also be because you have not fully closed the trunk, a window is ajar or a door in not fully closed.

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Honda Ridgeline Beeps Three Times

If you hear three beeps this is likely related to the walk-away auto-lock feature. If you walk away too quickly, this can trigger the three beeps to warn you the truck has not been locked.

The owners manual states:

When all doors have been closed and the smart entry remote is inside the vehicle, or if the smart entry remote is not detected within about 8 feet (2.5 m) of the vehicle, the auto-lock function will not be activated.

If you step too far from the vehicle (more than 2.5 feet), before hearing the first beep and you walk away you will hear the triple beep.

Try adding a slight pause before walking away from the vehicle and make sure the panel/computers are completely shut down with a Honda screen with a logo.

Alternatively, just open and shut the door again – this has worked for some owners.

Honda Ridgeline Beeps While Driving

If the beeps are occurring whilst driving then it’s probably not the auto lock feature causing the problem.

Navigation System

If your Honda Ridgeline is beeping while you are driving this is most likely caused by the traffic alerts on the Navigation system.

If you have the Navigation screen active, you will see the text update also.

If, however, you have any other screen active you will just hear a chime sound.

When you switch to the Navigation screen, by pressing the traffic icon it will show you where the traffic is.

The only way to turn it off is to completely deactivate traffic updates.

If, for example, you use WAZE, you can turn off the XM Traffic updates from the NAV settings Menu.

This is easy to do and will stop the beeps.

Driver Assistance Features

The beeps may be caused by driver assistance features such as Blind-Spot Warning, Road Departure Mitigation System or Collision Warning.

It could be the Adaptive Cruise Control Forward Vehicle Detect Beep if the beeping occurs only when the Adaptive Cruise Control is set. This beeping can be disabled at the head unit.

It may also be the SportsFlash Alert Beep feature of Sirius XM’s Live Sports Alert feature, this too can be disabled.

Sometimes these tech features are glitchy and can have random bugs which may also be why they sometimes beep unexpectedly.

Note: The Blind Spot Information System doesn’t beep unless it detects a vehicle when using your turn signal.

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