Jeep Gladiator Beeping? (18 Common Causes)

The Jeep Gladiator is a mighty powerful SUV.

Like any other vehicle, it uses various beeps, chimes and tones to alert the driver.

If you’re unsure why your Gladiator keeps beeping, this article is here to help.

Jeep Gladiator Beeping

Common causes of beeping on a Jeep Gladiator are key fob issues, the forward collision warning, Navigation Alerts for speed cameras and red light cameras, the sat nav, dash cameras and 12V battery issues.

1. Uconnect: Favorite Artist Beeps

The mysterious beeps on your Gladiator might be the Uconnect infotainment system indicating a favorite song or artist.

These beeps can be disabled in the setting menu.

Owners on shared the following:

“Uconnect favorites songs beep too…”

“It took me awhile to figure out a random beep when I first got my Gladiator, ended up being the Uconnect favorite artist beep”

“That might be what it is. I haven’t heard it yet without the radio on…”

2. Low Key Fob Battery or Faulty Key Fob

Issues with the key fob can cause a variety of electrical glitches, from random alarms to mysterious beeps.

Take the battery out of your key fob to see if the problem stops.

Its a good idea to clean the inside of the fob too.

You may just need a new battery however if the fob is faulty you will need to have it repaired or replaced.

3. Proximity Alert

Your Gladiator might be beeping at you as part of the Blind Spot Monitoring System.

It is a proximity alert to let you know someone is in your blindspot.

These beeps can be disabled via the main display.

“Proximity alert? Do the little triangles in your mirrors light up when someone’s in your blind spot? You can program it so the beeps go away.”

4. Phone Alerts

Some mysterious beeps may be attributed to phone alerts. It will lower the volume for an alert, to prevent this from happening you can put the phone on silent.

Owners on shared the following:

“If you don’t have your phone synched to the Jeep, your phone is probably giving you a notification that it failed to connect to Uconnect. I get that message, but have my notifications set to silent.”

“I just had the same exact thing happened to me. The radio lowered, it dinged a few times and the radio went back up. I do not have the phone connected by android auto, all other warning sounds are off, no dash lights, nothing on radio, no favorites.”

“I’ve got an iPhone and got a ding. I checked texts and nothing. It baffled me for a while. Then I realized that it was messages coming in through Google Voice.”

5. Navigation Alerts

If you hear a beeping noise whilst you’re out driving it may be caused by certain navigation alerts and warnings for speed cameras / red light cameras and school zones etc.

These can be disabled via the Uconnect display screen under the Navigation mode – you will need to disable the warnings.

You need to press Nav and then Settings to disable the safety camera feature.

Navigation –> Settings –> Speed Limit –> SHOW SAFETY CAMERAS (Uncheck this box)
Navigation –> Settings –> Speed Limit –> ANNOUNCE SAFETY CAMERA WARNING (Uncheck this box)

For most drivers, unticking the Safety Camera Announcements should solve the problem.

I’ve never used the built-in nav, but could it have been dinging at you to make a turn or exit? I’ve had that happen in rentals and confuse me, mostly because I didn’t even realize it was navigating me somewhere.

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6. Dirty Sensors

The Gladiator has various sensors located on the vehicle.

If these become dirty, covered with ice or blocked it can trigger unwanted beeping.

Check all the sensors – front, back and the lane detection sensor – and make sure they are clean and free of debris.

7. Uconnect Software

Make sure that you are running the latest software for Uconnect, otherwise you may hear some unwanted beeps.

Go to the driveuconnect website and type in your VIN number.

It will tell you whether there is an update for your vehicle.

Alternatively, you can try rebooting the Uconnect system.

8. Parking Brake

If the parking brake is not released when you begin to drive, a chime will sound warning you that the parking brake is still on.

9. Sat Nav

Some owners have found that it was in fact their Garmin Sat Nav unit causing the beeping.

Once unplugged they had sweet silence.

10. Weight on the Passenger Seat

If you’ve got an item such as some groceries, a bag or your pet dog on the passenger seat this can trigger a beeping noise as your Jeep will think your ‘passenger’ needs to buckle up as it detects a presence on the seat.

You can simply buckle the seatbelt to see if this stops the beeping.

11. Faulty latches or Sticking Door Mechanisms

If you’ve got a door latch that’s sticking this will make the Jeep think you’ve got a door open or ajar when you haven’t.

This is a common cause of beeping on many car models.

Try giving a good clean to all door mechanisms and lubricating with WD-40, make sure they all open and close properly.

12. 12V Battery

If the battery is starting to die you may hear a warning beep, most 12V car batteries last 3-4 years on average.

You can always check the battery life with a voltmeter, by measuring the voltage across the battery’s terminals or have it checked by a trained professional.

If it’s under 11V then this is causing the beeps and you’ll need to replace it.

13. Oil & Fluid

It’s a good idea to check fluid levels are all correct, such as:

  • Engine oil
  • Coolant
  • Power steering fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Windshield washer

14. XM Radio

If you have XM radio active, there may be a beep if you have a favorite team selected on one of the sports stations.

15. Water Pump

If the beeping noise is coming from the engine bay and sounds like a sonar beep – very computer-like, not mechanical a sound – then you may need to get the water pump replaced.

This is quite a common issue and you’ll find several reports of this across Jeep owner forums.

16. Electronic Devices Inside or Outside of The Car

The beeping may not actually be coming from your Gladiator. Do you have any other electronic or battery-powered devices in your vehicle that could be causing the beeping? Usually, it’s their batteries going bad.

For example a garage door opener, a dropped wristwatch, or even the smoke alarm or CO detector in your garage.

It could even be a locator device accidentally left in the vehicle by the dealer.

“Definitely sounds like a third party device, that’s how I found the one under my dash, check the back of the OBD plug for a piggyback plug and follow it.”

“So one day it randomly beeps as I am sitting stopped. So I opened the door, jumped out and put my head under the dash. It beeps again, I begin to look at the back side of the OBC, and I start pulling on a long cable that goes behind the side foot panel, and wammo, I pull out what is in the pics. A GeoTracker!!” –

17. Dash Camera

Many mysterious beeps can be attributed to dash cameras.

You may need to play around with the settings to disable any unwanted sounds.

Or there might be a loose connection or the SD card may need inserting properly.

18. Tire Pressure

Your Gladiator might be beeping at you because you have low tire pressure.

This is the TPMS system warning you that you need to inflate one or more of your tires.

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Jeep Gladiator Beeps 3 Times

If you hear 3 beeps (3 horn beeps) from your Gladiator, then this indicates that a door is still open.

You will also be getting a rapid flash of the turn signal lights as well.

It’s essentially telling you to check all the doors and try again.

You may have a faulty latch or sensor or the door may just not be shut properly.

3 Beeps from a Jeep Gladiator could also indicate that you have left a key fob in the vehicle.

Alternative Suggestions For Beeping Problems

Disconnect the Battery

Disconnecting the battery for a certain length of time resets the Powertrain Control Module (your vehicle’s brain) and other electronic systems.

Disconnect the battery for 60 seconds.

Alternatively, you can try disconnecting for 24 hours.

Check the Gauge Cluster and Overhead Display

When the beeping occurs can you see any lights come on at the same time on the gauge cluster or overhead display?

This can give a big clue as to what’s causing the beeping.

On some vehicles, a warning beep indicates a bulb in the gauge cluster is blown.

Take it to a Jeep Dealership

If needed, take your car to the dealership.

Tell them you are NOT paying for a check on what the problem might be.

Ask them if they will check it for free.

Most dealerships and other places do quick/initial diagnosis for no money as they plan to make money for the repair of your vehicle.

Check for Recalls or TSBs:

By entering your vehicle’s VIN number on Jeeps recall page you can determine whether or not there is a recall for your vehicle and if there is you’ll want to get it fixed.

Similarly, a quick google search will help you determine whether there is a Technical Service Bulletin for your Jeep.

These are less serious but may give a reason why your vehicle is beeping.

A recall is issued by a vehicle manufacturer for issues that are safety-related, while a TSB covers components that may be malfunctioning but don’t compromise the safety of the vehicle.

Diagnosing Beeps With a Scanner

Another possible option if you’re hearing a beeping sound is to use an OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool.

These are fairly easy to use, you simply plug them into your car – there’s usually an OBD2 port under the steering wheel.

Once you have the scan codes you can research these online specifically for the Trailblazer.

There are also OBD apps available so you can connect your Jeep straight to your smartphone (either with a cable or Bluetooth) without even needing a scanner.



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