Jeep Wrangler Beeping? (11 Causes & Solutions)

the Jeep Wrangler is the most iconic 4×4 in the world.

Like any other vehicle though, it uses beeps and chimes to alert the driver for various reasons.

In this article we’ll explain why your Wrangler keeps beeping.

Here is the Short Answer to Why Your Jeep Keeps Beeping

There are numerous reasons why your Jeep is beeping however the most common is a turn signal that has been left on. Other common causes include lights that have burnt out, the emergency brake isn’t fully released or the 12V battery is low or has a bad connection.

Jeep Wrangler Beeping

There could be many reasons why your Jeep is beeping while driving, to find the cause it’s often a process of elimination.

We’ve outlined the common causes below.

Emergency Brake

Emergency brake is not fully down, or it may have hung up and is tripping the sensor.

Some owners report that if the emergency brake isn’t fully released and the jeep even rolls a little bit, it can trigger beeping.

The brake may need some adjusting and its possible there is something blocking the brake handle from lowering all the way.

Turn Signals

Turn signals left on for more than a mile will cause beeping.

Some Jeep owners have reported that mysterious beeps can be silenced by turning On and Off the blinkers.


Do a full sweep of your Jeep and make sure you haven’t got any burnt-out lights, this can cause beeping. Check:

  • Headlights
  • Turn signal (make sure blinks when engaged too)
  • Parking
  • Tail light
  • Interior
  • Marker

Check the connections very closely too – particularly the tail light bulbs. Those little nubs on them get compressed and cause a less than perfect connection.

If you notice some lights are less bright than others then it’s best to replace them.

Faulty ignition switch

If you have a faulty ignition switch, your Jeep will think the key is still left in the ignition which can trigger a beeping sound.

Key Fob Battery

On some Wrangler models, a low key fob battery will trigger a beep.


If you’ve installed any OEM or aftermarket parts or played around with the vehicle’s wiring in any way, then this is also another avenue to investigate.

You’ll need to check the wiring connections are tight and make sure ground wires are connected too.

Seat Belt

If your seatbelt is unplugged this can cause beeping.

Some dealerships offer a service to remove this alarm completely and there are some online DIY guides too, such as this one:

  1. Get in.
  2. Buckle-up
  3. Turn the key to ACC on. Where everything starts chiming and beeping.
  4. Once the seatbelt dummy light goes out, unbuckle and buckle 3 or more times. (go for broke and do it about 5 or 6 times).
  5. Turn off and remove the key.
  6. You should hear a confirmation tone.

If there is weight on the passenger seat like your pup, some groceries or a gym bag this could be causing the beep too.

Low Fluid Levels

It’s a good idea to do a full check of your fluid levels, windshield washer fluid, oil, brake fluid, coolant etc.

Top off as required.

Stuck Door Latch

Door latches that ‘stick’ are a common problem across all vehicles.

If the latch isn’t closing properly your Jeep will think you still have a door open / door ajar.

Try lubricating it with some WD-40 or you may need to replace the latch itself.

Alternatively, the sensor that detects the door is shut may be faulty in which case it will need to be replaced.

12V Charger

If you’ve got something plugged into your 12V charging outlet this could potentially be causing the beeping although it may sound more like a chime.

This is common across many vehicles and is usually due to cheaply made or defective chargers.

12V Battery

If the battery is starting to die you may hear a warning beep.

You can always check the battery life with a voltmeter, by measuring the voltage across the battery’s terminals.

If it’s under 10.5V then it’s likely causing the beeps and you should replace it.

It’s a good idea to check the battery connections too – make sure they are tight and give them a clean if you notice any build-up.

Tip: Clean the terminals with a toothbrush dipped in baking soda and water mixture.

Jeep Wrangler Extra Beep

If you hear an extra beep, and there are no warning messages on the dash or unusual warning lights, then it could mean you’re getting close to an oil change message.

It might not be long until the change oil message will pop up.

Jeep Wrangler Horn Beeps

If your Jeeps horn is mysteriously beeping, then it is most likely caused by the clockspring. You can have this fixed free of charge as it was a national recall or you can simply replace the clockspring yourself. It may also be caused by a dying battery or water getting into the horn.

Start by checking the battery first – the truth is it could be a number of things including the TIPM or horn switch.

We’ve detailed the most common culprits below.

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The clockspring is a common cause of mysterious horn beeps on Jeep Wranglers from 2011 – 2016 here is what FCA has to say about the recall:

FCA has decided that a defect, which relates to motor vehicle safety, exists in certain 2011 through 2016 model year Jeep® Wrangler vehicles.

The airbag clockspring on your vehicle may ingest dust if the vehicle is subjected to dusty environments.

Dust inside the clockspring could compromise airbag circuit(s), causing illumination of the airbag warning light and/or the potential for a non-deployment of the driver airbag during a crash, increasing the risk of injury.

FCA intends to repair your vehicle free of charge (parts and labor). 

12V Battery

Have your battery checked out first (easiest to diagnose and rectify) and ensure the connections are tight and free from build-up.

A battery that’s about to die can cause various problems.

You can also try simply unhooking the battery, leaving it for a minute, and hooking it back up.

Water In the Horn

Some Jeep owners have reported that after having the top down in the rain the horn has started randomly beeping.

The theory is that water has found its way into the horn and its electrical connections.

One suggestion for this is to remove the horn cover and dry out all the connections.

If you’ve had your top down in the rain then this is certainly something to look into, if not then it’s also a good idea to check for any leaks.

Jeep Wrangler Beeps When Starting

If you’re hearing beeps upon starting your Jeep it could be related to the seatbelts, either they are not plugged in, there is a weight on the passenger seat or there is a faulty seatbelt sensor.

Other possible causes include low oil pressure – if the oil pressure is low you’ll get three beeps from a cold start.

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Jeep Wrangler Chirping Noise While Driving

If you hear a chirping noise while driving coming from the wheels then it is most likely caused by warped rotors.

A part of the rotor is likely hitting the brake pads creating the squeaking noise.

You may even notice a shimmy when braking.

It’s also worth inspecting the U-joints – rotate them, look for play, move them around etc.

These can cause chirping noises too or squeaking noises if they’re old or worn out.

There are a few online tutorials showing you how to inspect them properly if you’re unsure.

Alternative Suggestions

Check the Gauge Cluster

When the beeping occurs can you see any lights come on at the same time on the gauge cluster?

This can give a clue as to whats causing the beeping.

Take it to a Jeep Dealership

If needed, take your Jeep to the dealership.

Tell them you are NOT paying for a check on what the problem might be.

Ask them if they will check it for free.

Most dealerships and other places do quick/initial diagnosis for no money as they plan to make money for the repair of your vehicle.

Check for Recalls or TSBs:

By entering your car’s VIN number on Jeeps recall page you can determine whether or not there is a recall for your vehicle and if there is you’ll want to get it fixed.

Similarly, a quick google search will help you determine whether there is a Technical Service Bulletin for your specific Wrangler model, these are less serious but may give a reason why it’s making strange noises.

Diagnosing Beeps With a Scanner

Another possible option if you’re hearing a beeping sound is to use an OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool.

These are fairly easy to use, you simply plug them into your Jeep – there’s usually an OBD2 port under the steering wheel.

Once you have the scan codes you can research these online specifically for the Wrangler.

There are also OBD apps available so you can connect your car straight to your smartphone (either with a cable or Bluetooth) without even needing a scanner.

If you’re unsure there are lots of tutorials on YouTube for this.

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