7 Midsize SUVs With the Best Visibility (With Pictures)

Midsize SUVs are often the choice of large families who need to make the most of the roomy interior.

Visibility, both forward and rear, should be one of the main safety factors that should be considered when choosing any vehicle, especially considering the precious cargo on board.

Listed below are seven mid-size SUVS with the best visibility…

#1: Honda Pilot

Honda made great strides in the midsize SUV market with the release of the Honda Pilot in the early 2000s. With impressive visibility both forward and rear, the Pilot is a great choice for safety, and offers an expansive view of the road ahead thanks to a wider-than-most windscreen and higher seating position.

The Honda Pilot has a 7.3 inch ground clearance, allowing for even greater visibility, while providing additional leg- and headroom for the taller drivers.

The rear of the vehicle is just as spacious, allowing for passengers to enjoy as much comfort as one would expect in a Honda.

Honda has one of the best safety systems in the world, and their Honda Sensing Safety Bundle comes standard on all models.

With features like lane keep assist, blind spot monitoring, rear collision traffic warning, a multiview backup camera, and adjustable seating, this radar and camera-based SUV offers peace of mind that both driver and passengers are as safe as possible.

Park Assist features allow for easy parking in any spot, and while the vehicle does not have a 360-degree camera, the addition of side mirrors and a wide rear windscreen are sufficient for great visibility while on the road.

#2: Kia Telluride

Kia’s nifty midsize SUV, the Telluride, offers great all-around visibility, ensuring a safe, comfortable drive for both the driver and passengers. Featuring a square design, the Telluride has a spacious, modern interior that boasts some fantastic tech-related safety features that make the vehicle a great option.

Safety features include a 360-degree camera system that makes driving, parking, and maneuvering the Telluride that much easier, while blind spot monitoring and automatic high-beam features increase the visibility of the vehicle, even at night.

The Telluride comes standard with a forward collision warning system, driver attention monitoring system, safe exit assist to help alert passengers if it is unsafe to exit the vehicle, and rain sensor windscreen wipers on the front and rear of the vehicle.

Kia has spared no expense with their tech-focused safety features, earning the Telluride the IIHS Top Safety Pick for 2020.

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#3: Ford Bronco

Safety, comfort and incredible visibility are what you can expect from the Ford Bronco. Following its initial release in 1965, the car has undergone massive changes to both its design and features, with old technology being replaced by newer, more advanced technology that only enhances the safety and visibility of the midsize SUV.

The Ford Bronco features a trendy, modern design with an exceptionally roomy interior that provides sufficient leg and headroom for driver and passengers, regardless of their height.

A touchscreen infotainment panel doubles as a 360-degree camera system, assisting with parking, forward and rear traffic monitoring, and radar cruise control with automatic emergency brakes to bring the vehicle to a stop in the event of a collision.

Blind-spot monitoring is made easy with the side view mirrors, and slim windshield pillars in the rear make for great visibility to help make parking the vehicle in even the trickiest spots a breeze.

Automatic high-beam lights adapt to the car’s exterior environment, adjusting the lighting accordingly.

#4: Mazda CX-9

The bigger the Mazda, the safer the car – or so they say. There is truth to this statement as the Mazda CX-9 offers impeccably clear forward visibility. Thanks to a higher-than-most ground clearance and a large expansive windscreen, the ability to view the road ahead unobstructed is made easy in this midsize SUV.

Rear visibility is said to be somewhat hampered by the sloping roofline and larger rear windscreen pillars of the CX-9, but, as you would expect, Mazda has included some fantastic tech safety features to improve this visibility and enhance the overall safety of the vehicle.

Tech safety features include radar cruise control, automatic emergency braking, front and rear collision warning, blind spot monitoring, and a 360-degree camera that works in conjunction with the car’s infotainment system.

Lane departure warning and lane keep assist functions keep the vehicle safely on the road in even the toughest road conditions, and adaptive front headlights increase the visibility of the driver at night.

The Mazda CX-9 is designed with just the right curves and angles to assist with clear, unobstructed visibility, which is what fans of the Japanese car giant have come to expect.

Experience comfort, safety, and a wide range of tech-related features when you choose the Mazda CX-9.

#5: Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe was first released in 2001, and is easily described as one of the most underrated midsize SUVs. Offering great front and rear visibility, the Santa Fe has additional tech and safety features that make it a safe option.

The addition of side-view mirrors and blind spot monitoring make maneuvering around tricky corners easy, while the upscale and comfortable interior allows for a smooth, quiet drive.

Safety features of the Santa Fe include auto emergency braking, parking sensors, a voice-operated infotainment system that makes hands-free control possible, and the optional 360-degree camera.

These safety and technology features have earned the Santa Fe a coveted Top Safety Pick award from the IIHS, and a high-safety recognition award from the NHTSA. Enjoy the comfort and safety of the Santa Fe.

#6: Land Rover Defender

Not just another midsize SUV from this prestigious brand, the Defender has great outward visibility, and offers only the best in safety and technology features all neatly packaged in a tough-looking vehicle.

Land Rover is the epitome of first-class comfort and safety, and has been designed to include modern tech features that serve to enhance the overall comfort and safety of its vehicle.

With a standard 360-degree 3D surround camera and side mirrors that double up as cameras, no expense has been spared in ensuring the safety of the driver and passengers of the Defender.

Additional features include lane keep assist, emergency braking systems, blind spot assist, a clear exit monitor, and rear traffic monitor. The 360-degree parking aid is just on of the terrific tech features that has earned the Defender a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating.

If it’s comfort you are after, look no further than the Defender with a heated steering wheel, heating and cooling seats, and roomy interior. The Land Rover Defender provides unparalleled safety and comfort on any road.

#7: Chevrolet Traverse

Chevrolet released the Traverse back in 2008, the vehicle offers good visibility for both the front and the rear, ensuring a clear, unobstructed view of the road at all times.

Fast forward a couple of years and a few facelifts and the Traverse now combines technology and comfort to help increase the safety of their vehicles, making use of the standard Chev Safety Assist technology in the Traverse.

This technology includes features like forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist and lane departure warning, pedestrian detection, and blind spot reduction. The side mirrors double up as blind spot detection and increase the overall visibility and safety of the Chevrolet Traverse.

When you choose Chevrolet, you choose unparalleled safety, making this midsize SUV a great addition to the list of vehicles with the best visibility.


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