11 Most Common Volkswagen Arteon Problems (Explained)

Volkswagen introduced its flagship Arteon sedan for the 2019 model year as a replacement for the VW CC.

Its sleek fastback design gives it loads of curb appeal, which complements its sporty acceleration and handling.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Arteon’s common problems and their solutions.

1. Warped Brake Rotors

The Arteon’s brake rotors can easily become warped after only 10,000 miles.

This premature brake wear is one of the most common complaints among owners because most brake discs can last up to 50,000 miles.

In a lot of cases, the brake pads still have a lot of life in them, but the rotors are already in dire need of replacement after a year’s worth of driving.

Common symptoms of a worn brake rotor include:

  • Thumping or scraping noises when applying the brakes
  • Squeaking noises
  • Pulsing sensation from the brake pedal
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel
  • Reduced braking performance

This issue can affect all model years of the Arteon from 2019 to 2024.

Here’s how a few Arteon owners described their experience on VWVortex.com:

“My 2021 Arteon SEL Rline has 14,500 miles on it and just recently had my rotors replaced because of a slight whimpering sound when decelerating (under 10mph) to a stop sign or traffic light eventually becoming more noisy as time went on. The VW mechanic said that the brake pads were fine which they should be but the rotors were warped which was making the noise.’

“I have a 2019 with only 16k miles on it and I am on my third set of rotors which are pulsating again. Dealer covered sets one and two but are done and won’t cover.” 

“I had to replace all rotors and pads at 12,300. 300 miles past the warranty coverage period for the brakes, naturally. The total cost was about $590.” 

The Arteon’s brakes are covered under warranty for the first 12,000 miles, but after that, they’re considered a wear-and-tear item, so you’ll have to pay out of pocket for a new set.

A new brake rotor costs around $150, so you’ll have to shell out roughly $600 to replace all 4 rotors.

Since the new OEM rotors will likely have the same lifespan, many Arteon owners swap them out for aftermarket rotors instead.

The OEM brake pads are also known to produce lots of brake dust, but this can also be solved by replacing them with longer lasting aftermarket pads.

2. Infotainment Issues

Newer model years of the Arteon have the updated VW MIB3 infotainment system which has received lots of complaints for being slow and buggy.

Some of the commonly reported infotainment issues include:

  • Takes a long time to initialize
  • Can’t connect to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto
  • CarPlay keeps disconnecting
  • Screen goes completely black
  • No sound coming from speakers

Other VW models like the Tiguan, Passat, Golf and Taos, which all use the same infotainment software, also suffer from similar problems.

Volkswagen introduced the updated but more problematic infotainment system starting with the 2021 model year. 

Here’s how a few owners described their experience on VWVortex.com:

“Took delivery of my 2021 Arteon SEL Premium R-Line three weeks ago. At first start-up of each day, the center infotainment screen is black/off/unresponsive. No backup camera, radio, climate, settings, etc. First long press and hold of infotainment on/switch to reboot does nothing. Must turn off ignition, restart, press and hold on/off in sequence at least three times to force screen to turn on. Startups later in day have no issues.”

‘Wireless CarPlay starts lagging and skipping audio periodically, once it completely crashed the infotainment altogether and it rebooted.”

Restarting the car or holding down the radio power button for 10 to 20 seconds until the screen restarts usually makes the radio work normally again.

Some VW owners have even had their head units replaced, but still continue to have the same problems after a few weeks. 

A software update for the infotainment system may eventually resolve many of the reported issues, but it’s still an ongoing problem in many VW vehicles at the time of writing.

3. Creaks and Rattles

Many Arteon owners have been disappointed by the amount of creaks and rattles that their car makes.

Although some of the strange noises are caused by poor fitment and build quality, the Arteon’s chassis also tends to flex a lot which causes a lot of parts to rub against each other.

Here’s how a few owners described their issues on VWVortex.com:

“Had rattling in the driver’s door of my ‘21 SEL-P when playing music with deep bass, tracked it down to a just slightly loose hatch switch housing (mounted directly above the speaker in the door).” 

“Just bought a 2019 Arteon SEL-R and there is body flex when going into driveways at an angle or even turning on roads. It sounds like the windows are rubbing against the seals when the car flexes. Sounds like all 4 doors too.”

“I have creaking noise also coming from the window seals near the B-pillars it sounds. But also I have rattles just about all over this car. (Behind the map lights, in the passenger door behind the ambient lighting, the center console, somewhere in the sunroof rails, and the driver side door). I don’t even have 900 miles on it yet and I’ve pretty much given up on trying to use the Dynaudio to its full potential.”

Your local dealer might have to remove and replace several panels and parts to figure out what’s causing the noise.

You might also have to get creative and apply lubricant or stick some foam in between the offending parts to dampen the noise that they’re making. 

4. Suspension Noise

The Arteon’s front suspension has a tendency to make clunking and creaking noises when going over speed bumps and potholes.

It can start making noises even if the car is relatively brand new, which is quite frustrating for a relatively expensive flagship vehicle.

Here’s how a few owners described their experience on VWVortex.com:

“I had a creaking in the left front when the car would shift weight from side to side slowly. after the dealer replaced the strut TWICE and didnt fix the problem, they replaced the control arm bushing which seems to have solved the issue. But now the exact same sound is coming from the right front, so I suspect it’s the bushing on that side. and now I have also noticed a “popping” sound coming from the left rear when going over a sharp bump or uneven pavement.”

“My driver’s side front suspension is also making a noise which is what I describe like someone softly knocking on a door when I go over medium bumps or steer left/right quickly at low speeds.”

“My car has been making this clunk noise since i got it brand new. So far dealer has replaced the transmission mount, steering rack and sway bar links. The problem still exist and makes clunk, when weather is below 50f and going over speed bumps.”

In many cases, the clunking noises are caused by worn or faulty control arm bushings.

Your dealer or any experienced mechanic should be able to easily swap out the old rubber bushings for new ones, and it shouldn’t be too expensive to fix.

You can also try fixing it yourself by getting under the car and applying some silicone spray on the bushing to help lubricate it and reduce the friction, which is the primary cause of the noise.

5. Sunroof Issues

The panoramic sunroof of the SEL R-Line lets a lot of light inside the cabin and makes the Arteon look more premium, but it’s also caused a lot of problems for many owners.

Some of the reported issues associated with the sunroof include:

  • Creaking when going over bumps
  • Cracked sunroof frame/trim panel
  • Cracked sunroof glass
  • Sagging sunshade
  • Water leaks
  • Musty smell when it rains

Similar sunroof-related issues are also fairly common in other VW models like the Tiguan.

Here’s how a few owners described their experience on VWVortex.com:

“I had the same creaking sound almost a year ago when driving in and out driveway and uneven road so the dealership replace the sunroof frame under warranty since then no sound at all.”

“This is the sunroof frame. I had the same issue with my 2019. It took 2 weeks to get it fixed by the dealership but guess what after a few months the sunshade become sagging so I went to the dealership to replace it. Since then the sound came back and I am frustrated so planning to go next week to get it fixed.”

“Got my 21 back from the dealer today. They replaced the sunroof rails and apparently, I’m missing a piece in the headliner as well. So far, so good. Not a peep from the sunroof.”

“I’m not sure mine visibly sags as such, but it’s WAY looser than you would expect from a proper sun-shade. Its really a cheap and nasty part of the car.” 

The creaking from the sunroof is often caused by a defect in the sunroof frame. 

The frame, as well as the glass, can also crack over time due to the amount of chassis flex.

A new frame sunroof costs around $1,000 if you need to get it replaced out of warranty. 

If the panoramic sunroof itself develops a crack and you need to get it replaced, a new glass panel will also cost you roughly $1,000.

6. Travel Assist Errors

Several Arteon owners have had issues with the Travel Assist system showing that it’s unavailable on the digital gauge cluster.

The error will also be accompanied by a beeping or chiming noise.

Travel Assist is an advanced driver aid that combines adaptive cruise control and lane assist, to make driving on highways and in stop-and-go traffic easier.

The Travel Assist error usually pops up intermittently, although some owners report that they constantly see it after parking the car for a few hours in the sun.

It only affects the 2021 and newer model years, since the early models didn’t come with this feature.

Here’s how a few Arteon owners described the issue on VWVortex.com: 

“I have MY 22 SEL that has sporadically given me error codes for travel assist as well as a few others throughout the year that I’ve owned it. Recently started with the travel assist warnings again after behaving for months. Unfortunately since the dealer has yet to replicate these messages anytime I’ve brought it in, they have only flashed the system to attempt to alleviate the issue.”

“I have a 2023 SEL-P that had the error pop up a couple times when it was hot outside. The dealer went ahead and ordered a steering wheel and I just got a message that it arrived.”

“Taking my 2021 SEL-P to the dealer on Monday for this issue. Started popping up maybe six months ago. Happens randomly, sometimes on and off continuously or on for long drives and sometimes it will go days or weeks with no warnings at all. Will report back when I get the diagnosis.”

I’ve had the same happen 2 or 3 times. The funny part is it would happen after work for me as well when the car had been sitting in the sun all day.” 

According to those who have had to deal with the Travel Assist error, it was only fixed after their dealer replaced the steering wheel.

In some cases, the Travel Assist warning can also appear if there’s something wrong with the radar sensor on the front grille.

You might just have to clean the area and make sure nothing is in the way like snow or debris. The sensor could also be defective and may need to be replaced.  

7. Aggressive Lane Assist

Many Arteon owners have found that the car’s Lane Assist system is too intrusive and unpredictable.

Although Lane Assist is quite helpful at keeping you pointed in the right direction, if you want to take control of the steering wheel, it can take a few moments to fully disengage.

A few owners on VWVortex had this to say:

“Lane keep is very invasive in this car, it doesn’t just give you a heads up or gentle nudge that is easily overcome, no it is pretty aggressive and takes a good 1-2 seconds of actively pulling on the wheel against it for it to let go and let you do what you want.”

“In other cars I have driven with lane assist, I can overcome the lane assist by pulling on the steering wheel hard. With the VW’s lane assist, it seems almost like the driver’s steering input is removed, the computer takes over and the steering wheel has very low resistance.  After a second or two, steering wheel input returns but at that time, it might be too late to avoid certain hazardous situations on the road. I had one close call with the lane assist and shut it off.”

Lane Assist is automatically turned on every time you start the car, so you’ll always have to remember to shut it off manually before driving off if you’re not comfortable using it.

The lane assist problems that Arteon owners have mentioned may eventually be fixed by a future software update.

8. Tire Issues

The larger 20-inch tires fitted on the more expensive SEL models have had lots of complaints from many owners.

The stock Continental 20-inch tires have very soft sidewalls which make them more prone to developing bulges or bubbles, and can easily blow out when driving over potholes.

The lower sidewall profile of the tire also results in a harsher ride because it provides less cushioning compared to the tires fitted on the 18 and 19-inch wheels found in the lower trim levels.

Low-profile tires also offer less protection for the wheels, and many owners have ended up with bent rims.

In addition, larger tires are also much more expensive to replace.

Here’s what a few owners on VWVortex.com had to say about the issue:

“This is my mom’s first car with low profile tires and this big of a rim. Cars she has owned have always had taller side walls and small rims. In a span of 2 months at around 1500 miles or so, she already popped 3 tires. First time around was 2 tires (passenger side front and back).”

“The tech said it was a good thing I had the 19’s, as that dealer mainly saw Arteons come back because other owners side walls were popping left and right for the 20’s.

“The stock Contis do have a reputation of popping probably due to a soft sidewall and hitting potholes.

“I’m on 20″ wheels and after this weekend downsizing to 19″. I’m on my 2nd bent rim and 3rd (maybe 4th?) flat tire. It’s not worth it.’

Many owners choose to replace the stock Continental tires with a different brand to avoid having to deal with constant tire issues.

Some have even swapped out the 20-inch wheels for smaller ones to save on future tire replacements and improve the ride.

When switching tire brands on an all-wheel drive vehicle, you should replace all four tires at the same time to avoid damaging the driveline components.

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9. Digital Cockpit Issues

Several Arteon owners have complained about the digital instrument cluster constantly defaulting to the map view.

Although having the map on the dash is really helpful when driving on unfamiliar roads, many drivers prefer to customize the information they see on the digital cluster.

However, the car’s software seems to constantly switch back to the map view once you restart the car. 

In some cases, it will go back to the map view on its own while you’re driving even after you’ve manually selected a different view.

This problem seems to only affect the 2021 and newer model years of the Arteon which have an updated version of the infotainment software.

Here’s how a few owners described the issue on VWVortex.com:

“I like to drive with my idisplay with the compass on the left side, fuel on the right, and the MPH in the center. The left and right are set on the vehicle settings, no problem. However when I start my car the center initially starts with the MPH (as I had it when it turned off), but once the compass loads it figures I need navigation and swaps to the map. So I have to hit the steering wheel button twice to bring it back to MPH.” 

“On my 21. No matter what I do or what menu I leave in the center stack, it always defaults to the map.”

“With my 2023 SEL-P. Generally maybe 15 or so seconds (or longer?) after I start the car, it jumps back to map view. More than once, it has jumped back to map view later during the drive as well.” 

When the digital cockpit displays the map view, you can click the left and right buttons on the steering wheel to switch to a different screen. 

To prevent the digital cockpit from displaying the map view, you can go to the infotainment screen, hit the menu button, and uncheck the option to “Display Map in Instrument Cluster.”

If the issue persists, your dealer might be able to help you sort it out by updating or resetting the infotainment software.

10. Car-Net Issues

Many owners have had various issues with Volkswagen’s Car-Net app.

It constantly has problems connecting to the car which renders important features like remote start inoperable.

Car-Net on the 2019 models, which were fitted with an older Car-Net telematics module, has also been completely disabled after AT&T shut down their 3G network. 

Here’s how a few owners described their experience on VWVortex.com:

“My car net has never worked right. The new one they just released is just as bad. It hasn’t updated since 3/16. Remote start not working, and it’s still cool here and would be nice to have it. It just remains “trying” to do it.”

“Mine worked today which is rare. I took it into VW for other service and they did a firmware upgrade to head unit. While it did help, still sporadically doesn’t work right with exact symptoms of command failed for anything. This is on a 21 SEL-P.”

“I have not been impressed with Car net. I have issues with it not communicating with the car and not being able to remote start the car etc. It happens at least once a week.”

“Haven’t been able to get my app on my iPhone to connect to the car since the 21st. When I pull down to refresh the app, it just ends up saying ‘Vehicle Command Failed – Pull Down to Refresh.’”

If you’re unable to connect to the car at all using the Car-Net app, you can try re-pairing your car or updating the app on your phone.

Dealers can also update the Car-Net module’s firmware or replace it altogether if it just suddenly stops working.

Keep in mind that Car-Net won’t work at all in areas with spotty reception, such as in underground parking garages. 

If you have a 2019 model and want to continue using Car-Net, dealers can replace the old Car-Net module with the ones found in newer models. 

11. Frameless Windows

The Arteon’s frameless windows give the car a more premium and sophisticated look, but it can also cause a few issues.

One of the most common problems associated with these types of windows is wind noise at higher speeds.

It’s also more prone to rattles and creaks since it only has rubber weather stripping or seals to hold the glass in place when the windows are closed.

During the winter, the windows can also get frozen shut, but it’s not as big of an issue as it was on the Arteon’s predecessor, the VW CC.

Here’s how a few owners described their problem on the r/Arteon subreddit:

“Seems to always been on my passenger side, and it just whistles louder the faster you go.”

“I have it on the driver side. It’s a frameless window so this is fairly common.”

Another user on VWVortex.com had this to say:

“Starts for me at about 65 mph I can hear a faint whistling on the driver’s door next to the mirror.”

To get rid of the wind noise and rattles, you can treat the rubber weather stripping with products like Gummi Pflege Stift to keep it from drying out and restore its elasticity.

Other rubber protectants will also work, but Volkswagen owners seem to prefer Gummi Pflege because they find it to be very effective.

Volkswagen Arteon Pros & Cons


  • Sleek design
  • Powerful engine
  • Nimble handling for a sedan
  • Advanced driver aids and tech
  • Roomy interior
  • Lots of cargo space
  • Available all-wheel drive
  • Good reliability


  • Expensive sticker price
  • Jerky DSG transmission at low speeds
  • Noticeable road and wind noise

What Do The Reviews Say?

“Like last year, the 2023 Arteon is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder putting out 300 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. A seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission sends power to the front wheels as standard or all four wheels if optioned. The new powertrain sourced from the Golf R makes the Arteon more lively to drive than before.”

“Beyond the fresh hardware under the hood, the Arteon is a practical, comfortable sedan with lots of space in the trunk thanks to its liftback design. This makes it a viable alternative to the Audi A5 hatchback and Kia Stinger, both of which offer similar luxuries and performance.”

“The Arteon’s steering is nicely weighted and communicative. In the Comfort or Normal driving mode, there’s noticeable body roll when driving around turns. Switching to Sport really tightens up handling, and the Arteon’s all-wheel-drive system does a good job of helping the car accelerate out of turns. The Arteon is more planted and stable when pushed than most midsize competitors.”

“The Arteon’s tech offerings include a digital gauge cluster (VW’s Digital Cockpit) and an 8-inch infotainment screen that is stylish and easy to read. It has a few neat tricks up its sleeve such as hiding lesser-used controls when your finger moves away from the screen. You also have the option to integrate the navigation map into the digital instrument panel. The system’s voice controls work well and can understand some natural speech requests. Integrating your smartphone to the touchscreen is easy by way of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.”

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