Where Are Jeep Renegades Made? (Solved & Explained)

For outdoor enthusiasts looking for a smaller vehicle that still carries the same appeal as its older brothers, the Jeep Renegade should be a model to consider.

The Renegade is an affordable subcompact crossover SUV that offers the same level of sophistication and off-road capability you would expect from a Jeep vehicle.

Would you like to discover where Renegades are made? Read on to find out.

Where are Renegades Being Made?

The Stellantis Group, the parent company of Jeep, manufactures all Jeep Renegades exclusively outside the United States. Specifically, the Renegades are made in assembly plants in Melfi, Italy; Goiana, Brazil; and Guangzhou, China. Of the three assembly plants, most Renegades are produced in Italy.

Former Head of Jeep, Michael Manley explained that the decision to produce Renegades outside the US was to appeal to the overseas markets to increase global sales. 

Are Renegades for the US Market Produced in the US?

Jeep Renegades for the US market have always been sourced from the Fiat-Jeep manufacturing plant in Melfi, Italy.

Due to the small body of the Renegade, it is a perfect fit for the production plant in Italy. 

The Renegade shares an identical platform with the Fiat 500X, a Stellantis-owned subcompact crossover SUV.

Are Renegades Being Assembled in the US?

Since its introduction in 2014, the Jeep Renegade has always been made outside of North American territory. 

The Renegade is primarily assembled in Melfi, Italy, but there are also production lines in Goiana, Brazil and Guangzhou, China.

The Renegade is a relatively new SUV line introduced by Fiat Chrysler in 2014. 

Just recently, Fiat Chrysler and the PSA Group have successfully entered into a merger, and the unified business entity is now recognized as Stelanntis N.V.

Stellantis has not expressed any intention to relocate the production lines of the Jeep Renegade.

How Can You Check Where a Specific Renegade Was Produced?

To determine the country of origin of a specific Renegade, you have two options:

  • Ask your vendor/dealership for the country of origin
  • Find your vehicle identification number (VIN) and check online

The VIN is a code that is unique to every Renegade assembled and is used by carmakers to keep track of vital information of the vehicle, including:

  • Country of origin
  • Repair history
  • Parts compatibility
  • Buyer/owner

To find the VIN of your Renegade, check the driver’s side dashboard. The VIN should be viewable through the windshield. 

Alternatively, you can refer to your vehicle’s documents to find the VIN. 

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Are Japanese-built Jeep Renegades Better than European-built Jeep Renegades?

Jeep Renegades have never been produced or manufactured in Japan.

However, Renegades are manufactured in Southern Europe, specifically in the Fiat-Jeep assembly plant in Melfi, Italy.

The assembly plant in Italy is considered to be the main source of Renegade units, as this is where most of the Renegades come from.

Where is the Jeep Renegade Designed?

The Renegade was designed in Auburn Hills, Michigan by Jeremy Glover and Ian Hedge. 

Jeremy Glover was the main proponent of the winning design of the Renegade while Ian Hedge was credited with the interior design of the model. 

The driving factor behind the design was the pursuit of a determined, versatile, and functional style for the younger generations.

Further designs for all of the Jeep models continued under the supervision of Mark Allen, Head of Jeep Design in a small office in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Where are the Renegades Made for the Australian Market?

Currently, Jeep Australia does not offer the Jeep Renegade locally, nor are they produced in Australia.

As of this year, the current offering of Jeep models in Australia are the following:

  • Wrangler
  • Grand Cherokee
  • Cherokee
  • Compass
  • Gladiator

If you are truly committed to acquiring a Renegade in Australia, then you may check if dealerships would allow an indent order to facilitate the importation of the vehicle to your country.

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Where are the Renegades Made for the Canadian Market?

Based on our research, there is no definitive answer as to where the Renegades for the Canadian market were manufactured.

Geographically, we can surmise that the Renegades for the Canadian market are from either Brazil or Italy.

The current line-up of Jeep Models in Canada are the following:

  • Renegade
  • Wrangler
  • Gladiator
  • Cherokee
  • Grand Cherokee
  • Grand Cherokee L
  • Compass

Where are Renegades Made for the UK Market?

Based on our research, there is no definitive answer as to where the Renegades for the UK market were manufactured, but the hybrid version of the Renegade (Jeep Renegade 4xe), which is offered in the UK market, is exclusively made in the Fiat-Jeep Plant in Italy.

Geographically, we can surmise that the standard Renegades for the UK market are from its nearby European neighbor: Italy.

As of this year, the current offering of Jeep models in the UK are the following:

  • Renegade
  • Renegade 4xe (hybrid model)
  • Wrangler
  • Compass

Is Jeep Planning to Move its Production of Renegades

Stellantis, the parent company of Jeep, has made no official claims regarding the transfer of production of the Renegades.

However, Jeep has expressed strong intentions to strengthen its presence in India and produce more Jeep models in the country. No official list of models was presented with this announcement.

However, news has surfaced regarding the potential closing of the Fiat-Jeep plant in Italy, as claimed by the FIM-CISL union, a trade union based in Italy.

This potential closing is due to significantly greater production costs as compared to other manufacturing plants of the Stellantis company.

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Is Jeep Hiring or Firing in the US?

Based on our research, Jeep, through Stellantis N.V., has several job vacancies available in the US. You can find these vacancies online via LinkedIn, Indeed.com, and Glassdoor.

However, a recent report surfaced, claiming that Stellantis had to let go of 150 employees in its Illinois assembly plant.

The layoffs were part of efforts to rebalance employee roles and realign production to cater to the global market demand. 

Is Jeep an American Company? 

Jeep still identifies as an American company, being owned by Stellantis N.V., a company that was a result of the merger between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the PSA Group.

Most of Jeep’s parts production facilities and vehicle assembly plants are in North America, with a few assembly plants in Italy, Mexico, Brazil, China, and India.

Overseas facilities usually focus on parts and components while the actual assembly of most vehicles in the Jeep line-up is done in the US.

Beginning with the Renegade being produced exclusively outside of the US, Jeep plans to continue establishing a greater presence in the global automotive scene to boos worldwide sales.



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