Ram 1500 in Snow & Winter Driving? (Solved & Explained)

The Ram 1500 is a large and powerful pick-up truck.

These are extremely popular based not only on their looks but also on their incredible performance.

These trucks are work horses and keep going when you need them most.

In this article we’ll look in depth at how the Ram 1500 handles winter conditions.

Here is the short answer about whether the Ram 1500 is good for snow and winter driving:

The Ram 1500 is excellent in the snow. The large body of the Ram along with the powerful engine and good ground clearance means that the Ram can force its way through even the thickest of snow. In addition, a snowplow can be fitted onto the Ram in order to clear heavy snow.

Is a Ram 1500 Good in the Snow?

The Ram 1500 is one of the best vehicles you can take into snowy terrain.

Firstly, it is a heavy vehicle, which helps to keep weight on the wheels, pushing them deep down into the snow and finding grip on the surface below.

The Ram 1500 has an incredibly powerful engine that can produce a lot of torque.

With a towing capacity of 12,750 lbs, the Ram will have no issues powering its way through moderate and thicker snow. This powerful engine also means that a snow plow can be equipped and used with ease on the Ram 1500.

There are various safety features and advanced technology equipped to the Ram 1500 that help it to be even more efficient in the snowy winter conditions.

These are features such as a heated engine block, remote start, heated seats, and heated steering.

The Ram has excellent ground clearance which means that it will comfortably clear awkward snow mounds and obstacles that it might encounter on its way through snowy terrain.

The massive wheels and tires on the Ram only help it further, allowing it to climb up and over any larger obstacles.

What Features Will Improve Winter Driving?

The Ram 1500 has some of the best technology for snow conditions implemented in it.

The Ram is a work horse, and it is naturally well equipped to deal with snow and cold weather. However, there are some extra features that benefit the Ram even more in the the winter climate.

Consistent updates to technology and have kept the Ram on top of the game when it comes to driving in snow.

Heated Engine Block

The Ram 1500 is equipped with a heated engine block.

This means that there is a heater close to the engine which keeps the engine warm when driving in colder temperatures.

The engine needs to stay warm in order to keep all of the fuel and oils flowing through the engine.

This feature is extremely useful in winter conditions and was designed specifically for driving the Ram in the snow.

The heated engine block will ensure that the Ram’s engine keeps running smoothly and reliability and performance is maximized.

Heated Seats and Steering

The Ram is equipped with heated seats, not only for the driver but also for the passengers.

It also has a heated steering wheel to keep the drivers hands warm when driving in the winter. These are more comfort features.

These comfort features are helpful in the snow as it keeps the driver and passengers comfortable inside the cabin.

Keeping the driver warm and comfortable keeps them awake and alert when driving, especially in winter.

Remote Start

The Ram is equipped with a remote start feature.

This means that the vehicle can be started from the key fob without anyone being inside the vehicle.

This gives the vehicle time to warm up the engine in the colder weather, so when the driver gets in the vehicle it is ready to go.

The Ram’s remote start feature is extremely intuitive as it activates heated elements inside the vehicle during wintertime which helps to warm the Ram up much quicker and brings everything up to the perfect operating temperatures.

Powerful Engine

The Ram 1500 has an incredibly powerful engine that is able to produce an immense 702 horsepower.

The Ram has a massive towing capacity of 12,750 lbs which is able to drive the vehicle through thick mounds of snow.

This powerful engine will not only give the Ram a great advantage in treading through thick and heavy snow, but it will also significantly help the Ram off-road if there are larger obstacles that the Ram needs to climb over.

Wheels and Ground Clearance

The Ram 1500 has a ground clearance of 8.1 inches.

This is an exceptional ground clearance especially for moderate to thick snow. The Ram will have no problem clearing deep snow and also climbing over larger obstacles and mounds of snow.

In addition, the wheels are much larger than usual.

These larger wheels equipped with off-road tires are fully capable of pulling the Ram up difficult and extreme terrains. The addition of snow won’t hinder the Ram in terms of performance.

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Does a Ram 1500 Have a Snow Mode?

The Ram 1500 does not have a snow mode. However, the vehicle in its natural state is perfectly equipped to take on the winter elements.

The powerful engine with massive towing capacity is capable of pushing the Ram through thick snow.

The fantastic ground clearance and large off-road tires will provide the Ram with enough grip, stability, and clearance to put that engine power down and push through heavy snow as if it weren’t even there.

Can You Install Additional Snow Gear on a Ram 1500?

The Ram 1500 can be fully kitted out with snow gear. It is highly recommended to use snow tires to provide the Ram with extra grip. If the snow is extremely thick, a snow plow can also be extremely useful. The snow gear that can be fit onto the Ram 1500 is:

  • Snow tires
  • Studded tires
  • Snow chains
  • Snow socks
  • Snow Plows

How Much Snow Can a Ram 1500 Handle?

The Ram 1500 can handle a lot of snow. It’s fair to say that the Ram is able to handle the thickest snow that you could find on the roads.

It won’t have a problem off road either. It has enough ground clearance to keep itself above the surface of the snow and is unlikely to get stuck with its incredibly powerful engine.

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How Does the Ram 1500 Handle Low Winter Temperatures?

The Ram 1500 handles low temperatures exceptionally well.

The Ram has been fitted with various pieces of equipment that help it to cope with the colder temperatures. Heated seats and steering keep the driver and passengers comfortable inside the cabin.

A heated engine block helps to prevent the engine from stalling in the cold weather and keeps all of the oils and fuel in the engine nice and warm no matter what the outside temperature drops to.

In addition, the Ram 1500 has a remote start feature which activates various heated elements in the vehicle to ensure that it is immediately ready to go when you get in the driver’s seat.

Can a Ram 1500 Drive on Ice?

The Ram 1500 is capable of driving on ice; however, it is not the greatest conditions for this vehicle.

It might have a lot of power; however, it is extremely heavy, bulky and might be a bit too lazy to fully control on ice.

It is highly recommended to use studded tires when driving the Ram on ice.

Does the Ram 1500 Have 4WD?

The Ram 1500 does have four-wheel drive which is an excellent addition for this vehicle.

The four-wheel drive combining forces with the massive wheels and the fantastic ground clearance is a significant boost for the Ram in terms of performing well in snow.

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What About Older Ram 1500 Models and Winter Driving?

Older models of the Ram 1500 are still good for driving in the snow as they have powerful engines and have heavy, strong bodies.

Older models might lack the latest safety and technology features found on the more recent models.

However, older models of the Ram 1500 are still naturally good at driving in the snow and do not necessarily need the extra technology to help them in the snowy conditions.

Does the Ram 1500 Need Snow Tires?

It is highly recommended to use snow tires on the Ram 1500.

Although not essential, they will give the Ram the much-needed extra grip in the slippery conditions.

The Ram’s natural ability to drive well in the snow is enough, however snow tires will give it that extra safety net.

Can You Mount a Snow Plow on a Ram 1500?

A snow plow can be mounted on the Ram 1500.

The Ram is the perfect vehicle for a snow plow as it has a large, heavy body and an extremely powerful engine. The Ram has a towing capacity of 12,750 lbs which will be more than enough to plow snow.




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