Where are Mazda CX-5 Made? (Solved & Explained)

The Mazda CX-5 is a luxury compact SUV that prides itself on comfort, technology and spaciousness.

It’s one of the most reliable SUVs on the market and the latest models feature a full-color heads up display, i-Activ AWD and plenty of storage space.

If you’re researching the CX-5 you might be wondering where they are manufactured.

Read on to find out...

Where Are Mazda CX-5s Made?

The Mazda CX-5 is made at the Mazda Hiroshima Plant, in the Ujina District of Hiroshima, Japan. The Hiroshima Plant is the only facility in the world that builds the CX-5, from here the model is shipped to various continents including North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australasia.

The Hiroshima Plant consists of the head office in the Aki District and the nearby plant complex in the Ujina District.

The plant complex in Ujina is made up of 2 plants:

  • Ujina 1 – opened in November 1966
  • Ujina 2 – opened in December of 1964

The CX-5 is manufactured at the Unija 2 plant.

Combined, the two Ujina facilites cover a total of 420 acres

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Are Mazda CX-5s for the US Market Produced in the US?

The Mazda CX-5 for the US market is built at the Hiroshima Plant in Japan, at the Ujima 2 facility. From here the vehicle is shipped to America.

Mazda’s factory in Hiroshima also includes its own port which makes exporting the vehicles straight from the factory much easier.

A new joint venture between Mazda and Toyota will see a new production plant being built in Huntsville Alabama, however it is not thought the CX-5 will be built here.

Where Are They Assembled?

The Mazda CX-5 is assembled at the Hiroshima plant, and also at Mazda’s assembly facility in Hofu, Yamaguchi, both of which are in Japan.

The assembly of the vehicle represents the final phase in the process of manufacturing, it is here that components supplied by outside suppliers, including company-owned parts suppliers, are brought together for assembly,

How Can You Check Where a Specific CX-5 Was Made?

You can check the exact location of where your CX-5 was built by using the VIN number.

The VIN number of your CX-5 can be found on a plate in the left-hand side of the dashboard.

You can see the VIN number more clearly by looking from the outside through the windshield.

Once you have found the VIN number you can use an online VIN decoder, which will give you all the information regarding your CX-5.

You can also decode your VIN manually.

The first letter or number of the VIN will tell you the production location.

For example, if the first character is J, this means your car was made in Japan.

The 11th digit indicates which manufacturing plant your vehicle was assembled at.

For example, if the digit is a 00, then the car was built at the Hiroshima Plant.

Are Japanese-built Mazda CX-5’s Better than European-built Mazda CX-5s?

While Mazda does produce some models of their cars in different locations across the world, the CX-5 is built exclusively at the Hiroshima plant in Japan.

Mazda is a world-renowned vehicle manufacturer and as such, they aim to keep the quality of their cars as standard across all of their production facilities.

Where Is the Mazda CX-5 Designed?

The Mazda CX-5 was designed at the Mazda head office in Hiroshima, Japan.

The second generation of CX-5, was designed in 2014 by Managing Executive Officer and Head of Design Ikuo Maeda.

Shinichi Isayama, who is the chief designer, also played a role in designing the CX-5.

When designing the CX-5, the pair claimed that modern road safety regulations caused cars to become less visually appealing.

Their goal when designing the new CX-5 was to treat the car as art.

They aimed to create a beautiful car that would grab the attention of other people.

Mazda has taken a new format in designing their cars, the reverse of traditional car designs.

Modelers will first explore the shapes of the cars before the designers start their sketches.

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Where Is the Mazda CX-5 Made for the Australian Market?

The Mazda CX-5 models that are bound for Australia are built at the Hiroshima plant and assembled in Hofu.

Due to the increase in popularity for the CX-5, Mazda has had to supplement the assembly of these vehicles with a second plant in order to keep up with demand.

Where Is the Mazda CX-5 Made for the Canadian Market?

The Canadian bound CX-5 models are built in Hiroshima, Japan.

With a convenient port located near the plant, Mazda is easily able to export their vehicles quickly and at lower costs.

Where Is the Mazda CX-5 Made for the UK Market?

The Mazda CX-5 for the UK market is shipped from the Hiroshima plant in Japan to Zeebrugge in Belgium. From there, Mazda uses transportation companies to deliver the vehicles to the UK.

Is Mazda Planning to Move Its Production?

Mazda is continually expanding, with new facilities currently being built around the world.

This includes their latest manufacturing plant, a joint venture with Toyota that will produce up to 300,000 cars a year, located in Huntsville Alabama.

Mazda has invested around $2.3 billion into the new facility which currently uses 400 acres out of an available 1200 acres of land.

However, for the foreseeable future, production for the CX-5 looks set to remain at the Hiroshima Plant.

Is Mazda Hiring or Firing in the US?

With a new factory set to open in the United States in the next few years, Mazda will surely be hiring new staff to go with it.

The Mazda plant in Hunstville is expected to create over 4000 new jobs.

The plant has already hired 600 people, and hiring is expected to resume in late 2021.

According to online job seeking sites such as Indeed and Glassdoor, Mazda is currently hiring for a number of new positions.

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Is Mazda an American Company?

Founded in 1920, Mazda is a Japanese company and is led by Akira Marumoto, President and CEO since June 2018. It has facilities and offices all over the world including Europe and North & South America. Mazda’s global headquarters is located in Hiroshima Japan.

At one point, Ford actually owned 1/3 of Mazda however Ford has since sold its shares in the company.







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