7 Common Yamaha MT-07 Problems (Explained)

The Yamaha MT-07 is a popular middle-weight standard or naked bike offering owners a fun, agile, and responsive ride.

Although its lightweight naked build and comfortable seating position make the MT-07 a seemingly approachable machine to mount, its 689cc parallel-twin engine produces 74 horsepower—it packs a punch.

While the MT-07 is considered reliable overall, it can develop some problems, like any other machine.

This article discusses the most common problems with the Yamaha MT-07.


1. Turn Signals Detach While Riding

Yamaha MT07 owners have noted an issue where the front turn signals, especially on the left side, tend to detach from their mount. This problem results in the entire rubber piece caving into the signal’s socket, leaving the turn signal to dangle while riding.

Here’s a noteworthy conversation from real-life MT-07 owners on yamahamtforum.com regarding the turn signal detachment problem:

“Has anyone else had trouble with the front left turn signal caving into the socket? Mine keeps doing it where the whole rubber piece just goes into the plastic and just leaves the turn signal dangling. Takes me a while to put it back in its place, so I’m not sure why it’s happening.”

“I noticed a rubber flap that goes on the outside; half of it is creased. I’m not sure if that was my fault from the first time or a defect that’s making it cave in. I have a warranty on it. Maybe I can just go get it replaced.” MT-07 International Fan Forums

“I think that it is a poor design from Yamaha.  I had both signals break at that rubber boot connection at the rear.    I ended up doing a custom fix until that wore out; I ran a bolt through the boot (top to bottom) and zip-tied from the inside. I now have full aftermarket signals on the front and rear with a replacement set of Yamaha factory signals to swap out to pass yearly safety inspection.” MT-07 International Fan Forums

Possible Culprits and Solutions:

  • Some batches of the MT07 reportedly had faulty plastic holders for the turn signals—consider purchasing an aftermarket replacement.
  • If the rubber mount of your MT-07 is creased or damaged, it may contribute to the signal falling into its socket. Inspect and consider remounting the signal with a custom option.
  • If your Yamaha MT-07 is under warranty and shows repeated signal issues, it might be worth consulting with the dealer for a replacement or fix.

2. Seat Lock Gets Stuck/Seat Won’t Open

A recurring issue Yamaha MT07 owners have encountered pertains to the seat lock mechanism. Sometimes, the latch is jammed from pressure or due to items shifting inside the compartment. In others, the seat lock cable can dislodge from its u-shaped mounting point at the latch.

Regardless of how it happens, once the lock is jammed, you’ll no longer be able to remove or open your seat.

In scenarios where the cable is dislodged from the latch, the seat won’t open even if the key turns.

“I can’t turn the key lockdown on the left side to get under the seat.  I have sprayed it with penetrant to no avail.” MT-07 International Fan Forums

“The seat lock cable can come out of its “u-shaped” mounting point at the latch, under the seat. The symptom is you can easily turn the seat key lock, but nothing happens.” MT-07 International Fan Forums

Possible Culprits and Solutions:

  • The cable might come out from its mounting point. Inspect and, if possible, realign it to its correct position.
  • Penetrants or lubricants can sometimes assist in loosening a stuck lock. If that fails, consult a mechanic or specialist.
  • To avoid the dislodging issue, MT-07 owners can use a zip-tie to secure the latch cable in its “u-shaped” mounting point once the seat is removed. This added measure can provide stability and prevent future issues.

3. Dies After Starting

Other Yamaha MT-07 riders report an issue with their bikes dying shortly after starting, sometimes accompanied by erratic engine revving. The problem is often accompanied by the check engine light flicking on, though the revving and dying problem will continue once the light shuts off.

“So, I got back from a ride last night; the bike ran perfectly during the ride. Get home, shut the bike off. Turn the bike back on, and check engine light comes on; I wait a few minutes, and it doesn’t go off. So, I killed the bike and restarted it. The check engine is now gone. I now have the problem of the bike not wanting to stay on.”

“2016 MT-07, completely stock, 13k miles and no hiccups.

Rode 20 miles, no problem. Shut down for dinner. Ride 5 miles. Check engine light comes on halfway through. But no code is shown on the display, so I figure it isn’t an emergency. Shut down for an hour. Start it up. No engine light now, no throttle input, in neutral. It runs smoothly for five seconds, then starts revving up and down between 1k and 2k rpm for a few seconds, then dies. If I give it throttle, it will do the same thing, just at whatever rpm range I hold it at, but it still dies on its own after a bit. Same thing over and over, no matter what I try.” MT-07 International Fan Forums

Possible Culprits and Solutions:

  • The MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor, termed by Yamaha as the Intake Air Pressure Sensor, could be defective. Check the sensor on the left side of the fuel tank; it’s connected to the vacuum hose of the left throttle body.
    • Inspect and potentially replace this sensor if it’s not delivering the expected output voltage.
  • If the check engine light appears, ensure no accompanying error codes are displayed.
  • Due to the high cost of original sensors, some riders have explored aftermarket alternatives. While some appear identical, ensure your replac,eent sensor is compatible before opting for a non-original part.

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4. One Cylinder Stopped Working/Bike Loses Power While Riding

The Yamaha MT07’s engine is renowned for its robust and reliable performance. That said, some riders have reported an issue where one cylinder stops working or the bike loses power during a ride. This problem often manifests as a difficulty in revving past certain RPMs or sudden sluggish responses from the engine.

“Took the bike out of winter storage this weekend, gave it a wash and a rip around the area. Halfway home, starting off on a green light, hit 3rd gear, and it the engine would not rev passed 6k and sounded like it was running on one cylinder. On light throttle pulls, it was very sluggish until it got a certain RPM or throttle position, and the bike would have full power out of nowhere. Rev up to around 6k and fall flat again.

Made for an interesting drive home. The right-side cylinder was about 25 degrees cooler than the left when I got home. Very low mile bike under 3k – I will be taking a look at the plugs and intake when I can” MT-07 International Fan Forums.

“Once, when I changed my plugs, I wasn’t conscientious enough to ensure both coils were fully engaged on their plugs. The result was that the cooler pipe was consistent, with one cylinder working only intermittently.  Also, make sure the connectors to your injectors are secure.” MT-07 International Fan Forums

“I should have just checked the manual; the bottom caps of the coils just pop off…” MT-07 International Fan Forums

Possible Culprits and Solutions:

To be clear, there is no issue with the MT-07 resulting in power loss of an engine cylinder; in all cases we researched, there was a rider error involved:

  • Stale gasoline can degrade your MT-07’s engine performance. Draining old fuel and refilling with fresh gas might resolve the issue.
  • Ensure the spark plugs are in good condition and both coils are fully engaged. Check the manual for guidance on maintenance.
  • Loose or faulty fuel injector connections can disrupt engine performance. Securely reconnect or replace if necessary.
  • Inspecting your MT-07’s fuel filter screen and pump can help identify if a clogged fuel system is causing power loss.

5. Side Stand Effects Chain Slack Spec

Yamaha MT-07 owners report shifting chain slack adjustments, particularly when switching between the side and track stands. These discrepancies can be traced back to the bike’s suspension response under different weight distributions, raising questions about the optimal chain settings.

“I changed the adjusters on my wife’s MT-07 this morning… The manual for the ‘22 MT-07 says to set the low point 2″/51mm from the chain guard under the swing arm on the side stand. What about on a track stand? The stock suspension on the 07 is so spongey as well.  I bring this up because the manual for my 10 has a different set of tension specs for being on a track stand, and that makes sense because it doesn’t have the full weight on it when it’s on the side stand.”

“My stock 2020 MT-07’s rear suspension is topped out when on the side stand, with the preload setting in the middle position of the 7 notches.  It would seem you need to lift the rear to top out the rear shock somehow while you set the chain slack, then let it down in some repeatable way (lift and slowly release, or compress and slowly release), and note that slack for future adjustments.” MT-07 International Fan Forums

Possible Culprits and Solutions:

  • Different stands affect how the suspension bears the bike’s weight. This variation can impact the chain’s tension and slack.
  • When adjusting on a side stand, follow the manual’s guidelines. For track stands, consider the difference in weight distribution and adjust accordingly.

6. Gear Indicator Display Disappears

Several Yamaha MT-07 owners have reported an intermittent issue with the gear indicator display. The gear number on the display can suddenly disappear while riding, especially after hard braking or downshifting, leading to confusion, frustration, and potential safety concerns.

The root of this problem often lies with the clutch switch connector, which sits on the clutch side of the handlebars, becoming disengaged from the clutch cable or lever.

“I have 2017 mt 07, and today I had to hit the brakes pretty hard… And as I was standing there, in the middle of the road, in 4th, I tried to switch down to get going again, but it would not shift and stopped showing the gear I was in. It found the gear again after I released the clutch, but it took me a few seconds to get going again.”

“I’ve had this happen twice now in the first 100 miles. Cruising along, I pull the clutch in and apply the brakes. As I begin to downshift, I’m watching the gear display, and suddenly, the number disappears… *I don’t think I am able to downshift while there is no gear displayed* (If it happens again, I will make sure this is the case) “ MT-07 International Fan Forums

Possible Culprits and Solutions:

  • Inspect and ensure your MT-07’s clutch switch connector is securely connected to the rest of the clutch/clutch cable system.

7. Excessive Vibration Sounds at High Speeds

Some Yamaha MT-07 riders have reported experiencing excessive vibration, ticking, or clanking sounds when cruising at high speeds.

While the bike is performing fine in many cases, in a few instances, riders report feeling the bike shaking, too.

“I have crazy foot peg vibrations like 20 phones strapped to my feet…. The sprocket dampeners or weights were put back in, the chain was adjusted properly, and the axle nut was torqued properly. It makes the bike almost unrideable. It’s so annoying.” MT-07 International Fan Forums

Possible Culprits and Solutions:

  • Ensure both front and rear wheels of your MT-07 are correctly balanced—imbalances can cause vibrations.
  • Check that engine mount bolts and brackets are securely tightened.
  • A misaligned or loose chain can contribute to vibrations. Adjust your MT-07’s chain to the bike’s specifications.
  • It may just be the ticking sound of the valves; ensure your valves are in proper alignment.

What are The Pros and Cons of the Yamaha MT-07?


  • Punchy Parallel-Twin Engine
  • Lightweight and Agile Chassis
  • New LED Cluster and Turn Signals
  • TFT Dash; Mobile Connectivity
  • Class-Leading Brake Performance
  • Comes Stock with All-weather Michelin Tires


  • Turn Signals Can Detach While Riding
  • Seat Lock May Malfunction
  • Unpredictable Engine Shutdown
  • Spark Plug Boots Slip Off; One Cylinder Fails
  • Chain Slack Adjustments Shifts On Side Stand
  • Gear Indicator Display Disappears while Riding
  • Excessive Vibration Noises  

What Are Some Alternative Models?

Make/Model MSRP MPG
Yamaha MT-07 $8,199 58
Kawasaki Z650 $7,749 54
Honda CB650R $9,399 48
Suzuki GSX-S750 $8,849 44
Triumph Trident 660 $8,595 60
Triumph Street Triple 675$7,99944

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What’s the Resale Value of the Yamaha MT-07?

Year Mileage Used Listing Price
2023 870 mi $8,895
2022 4,194 mi $8,460
2019 29,628 mi $7,299
2018 17,500 mi $8,591
2018 3,494 mi $7,787

What Do the Reviews Say?

“The MT-07 is a staple in the Yamaha lineup and, in its own way, has become a highly influential motorcycle. Parallel twins with 270-degree cranks are all the rage these days, and the MT-07 was one of the first to popularize the configuration. Approachable, affordable, and fun, the MT-07 taps into the universal virtues of motorcycling.”

“Are Yamaha MT-07 good for beginners? Definitely – as a first big bike, there aren’t many better. Following roughly 200,000 kilometers of intensive testing, it still maintains its familiar character and lightness, with the ability to perfectly accommodate the needs of riders of all skill levels… The 689cc parallel twin will now get a full-color display with two screen layouts, which can be paired with your phone via the Yamaha My Ride app to enable incoming calls, emails, message notifications, and more. Alongside this, the bike is ready to take quick-shifter, which is available as an optional extra.”


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