Michael Ta Nous

  • Michael Ta Nous

    I've been weaving words into stories since my early scribbling days, and my journey in the world of motorcycles and their communities spans almost two decades. Living with a talented motorcycle mechanic as a roommate, our garage transformed into a vibrant workshop where I absorbed the intricacies of motorcycle craftsmanship. In addition to the array of Harley's and Honda's I had regular access to, I personally owned a Triumph Bonneville and an Indian Scout. Over the last three years, I've crisscrossed the country on a 2018 Indian Chieftain Limited, logging 54,000 miles and engaging in freelance writing from diverse cafes. As a seasoned professional writer, I've explored a wide spectrum of topics beyond motorcycles. While my passion for bikes remains, my portfolio includes articles, blogs, captions, and detailed descriptions covering an extensive range of subjects. I've also lent my editorial expertise to fact-checking and editing for various motorcycle blogs. Having joined Engine Patrol as a writer and editor, the natural rapport with fellow motorcycle enthusiasts encouraged me to stick around and continue doing what I do best—writing about the captivating world of bikes and beyond!