Ford Bronco in Snow & Winter Driving? (Explained)

The Ford Bronco is a classic. It has always been a really popular car, and the newest model looks to be no different.

Inspired by its predecessor’s 60’s look, the new Bronco is built to be extremely tough and take on the most difficult of terrain.

In this article we’ll analyze the Bronco’s winter performance, read on to find out more…

Here is the short answer about whether the Ford Bronco is good for snow and winter driving:

The Ford Bronco is excellent in snow and has been designed to be the perfect off-road vehicle. The Bronco has three driving modes to tackle slippery terrain, a ground clearance of 11.6 inches, 16′ wheels and is fitted with the latest technology and safety features to round off an excellent winter vehicle.

Is a Ford Bronco Good in the Snow?

The Ford Bronco is as good as you can get when it comes to how a car handles in snow.

The Bronco has been purpose-built not only for off-road trails but also for driving in thick, loose sand.

The Bronco has all the necessary elements to make it the perfect car to take into the snow.

With a huge ground clearance of 11.6 inches, the Bronco will have absolutely no troubles in thick and heavy snow. On top of that, the 16’ wheels are able to claw their way out of any deep snow, meaning that the Bronco won’t get stuck.

Ford has gone all out with the technology on the Bronco. It features a variety of off-road assists such as a very clever four-wheel-drive system, electronically locking front, and rear axles, ‘trail toolbox’, engine block heater and more.

The Ford Bronco is no slouch either. It may have lost its V8 engine, but the 2.3-liter V6 engine can produce 270 horsepower. The Bronco is capable of pushing 400lbs of torque out of this ‘smaller’ engine as well.

What Features Will Improve Winter Driving?

The Ford Bronco has been equipped with the latest technology specifically designed by Ford for going off-road.

These features make the car much better to drive in snow as well. The off-road features help the car with handling and control.

In addition, there are extra safety features added onto the Ford Bronco as well.

These features are forward-collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning with lane keep assist, and blind-spot monitoring. These features are all useful when driving in the snow as it helps the driver to focus on the road and keep their concentration for longer.

4×4 with Part-Time Selectable Engagement

The Ford Bronco is equipped with four-wheel drive. But its not just any four-wheel drive system.

The Bronco 4×4 has Part Time Selectable Engagement, which means the driver is able to choose a specific four-wheel drive mode that suits their needs.

There are three modes to choose from, the first is to increase wheel torque, which is useful for mud and thick, deep snow.

The second mode is to handle deep sand. This mode can also be used in loose, melting snow to give the Bronco better traction.

The third and final four-wheel drive mode on the Bronco is used for steep grades and heavy pulling. This gives the Bronco extra power and pulling force which can be used in thick snow or when climbing hills in the snow.

Electronic Locking Front and Rear Axles

The Ford Bronco is equipped with electronically locking front and rear axles.

This clever system is essentially like using a handbrake. When needed, such as on a steep incline, the Bronco can lock either one of its axles in order to maneuver the car or get it unstuck.

Although this feature is mainly used in off-road trails, it can also be useful in the snow.

The axle can be locked in order to keep the Bronco stable and in control when driving in the snow. This is especially useful in thick snow where there may be obstacles underneath.

Engine Block Heater

The Ford Bronco can be equipped with an engine block heater, although this is an optional extra.

This feature adds a heating element in the engine bay which helps to keep the engine warm and keep all the fuel and oils flowing, which is key in the low winter temperatures.

An engine block heater is useful in the snow as it allows the engine to quickly get up to temperature, meaning the driver does not have to wait long for the vehicle to sufficiently warm up.

In addition, it means the engine remains warm enough when driving or idling.

Bash Plate

The Ford Bronco is equipped with a bash plate.

This is a small metallic plate that runs from the underside of the nose all the way down the floor of the car. Its only purpose is to protect the internal organs of the Bronco such as the engine and transmission.

This feature is great in thicker snow as it protects the Bronco from any obstacles or dangers that might be underneath the surface of the snow.

The driver can confidently tread through thick snow with less worry of damaging the floor of the car.

Trail Toolbox

The Trail Toolbox is an incredibly useful feature that has been equipped onto the Ford Bronco.

It is essentially a driver assistance package for off-roading.

The first tool is trail control.

Trail control is a cruise control mode for slow trail driving. This can be useful in the snow when the driver needs a slow and controlled approach to the terrain ahead.

The Trail Toolbox also has a trail turn assist which uses torque vectoring to tighten the turn radius of the Bronco.

This feature can be great in the snow as it allows the Bronco to maneuver much easier in the snow and winter conditions.

Another tool on the Bronco that is useful in the snow is one pedal braking and acceleration control.

This means that the Bronco can be controlled with only one pedal making braking and accelerating much quicker to access, allowing the driver more control over the vehicle.

This feature will be useful when driving in thick snow in off-road terrain.

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Hydraulic Anti-roll bar Disconnect

The Ford Bronco is equipped with a hydraulic front anti-roll bar.

The front anti-roll bar can be disconnected if the Bronco needs more space underneath the vehicle when going off-road.

This loosens the suspension and allows some extra flex in the car to maneuver through awkward obstacles.

This feature can be useful in the snow when going off-road when there are obstacles in the way that needs some careful manoeuvring.

Using this feature coupled with the other off-road features will assist the Bronco in handling the snow well.

Does a Ford Bronco Have a Snow Mode?

The Ford Bronco does not have a snow mode; however, it does have modes for mud and thick sand. These conditions need similar driving styles to conquer them. These modes will give the Bronco the exact settings it needs to beat the snowy conditions.

Can You Install Additional Snow Gear on a Ford Bronco?

The Ford Bronco is capable of carrying extra snow gear where needed. It is highly recommended to use snow tires with the Bronco as it gives the vehicle more grip and traction. The snow gear you can install on the Ford Bronco is:

  • Snow tires
  • Studded tires
  • Snow chains
  • Snow socks
  • Snow Plow

How Much Snow Can a Ford Bronco Handle?

The Ford Bronco has a ground clearance of 11.6 inches. So, the Bronco can handle incredibly deep and thick snow. In addition, the Bronco’s off-road capabilities and powerful engine means that the Bronco can handle any amount of snow that the elements can throw at it.

How Does the Ford Bronco Handle Low Winter Temperatures?

The Ford Bronco is equipped with the latest technology which makes it incredibly reliable even in low temperatures.

The Bronco can be equipped with a heated engine block which helps the vehicle to warm up to operating temperatures quicker, and it keeps the engine warm when running and idling.

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Can a Ford Bronco Drive on Ice?

The Ford Bronco can drive on ice; however, it is highly recommended to use studded tires when driving on ice to increase the Bronco’s grip and traction.

There are various technological features added to the Bronco which will greatly assist the vehicle with driving on ice. These features are the trail control and one pedal control.

Does the Ford Bronco Have 4WD?

The Bronco does have four-wheel drive.

The four-wheel-drive system on the Bronco is incredibly intuitive as it allows the driver to use three different modes based on the circumstances.

The four-wheel-drive system can alter how it operates based on the terrain it is in.

What About Older Ford Bronco Models and Winter Driving?

Older models of the Ford Bronco are not so great at driving in winter conditions.

They could be unreliable, and they are not necessarily designed to go off-road.

They also lack the fantastic safety and technological features found on the modern Bronco. The modern Bronco has seen a massive upgrade in this department.

Does the Ford Bronco Need Snow Tires?

The Bronco does not necessarily need snow tires as it is well equipped to take on off-road terrain. However, it is recommended to use snow tires for the added grip and traction. This will make driving the Bronco in snow even easier and safer.

Can You Mount a Snow Plow on a Ford Bronco?

You can mount a snow plow on the Ford Bronco.

There are various different snow plows that can be fit onto the Bronco. The off-roading capabilities and hugely powerful engine on the Bronco will make plowing snow an absolute breeze.



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