13 Best & Worst Honda Fit Years (With Pictures)

The Honda Fit is a subcompact hatchback that was sold for the 2007 – 2020 model years in the US. 

It is best known for its excellent fuel economy, compact design, and o-kart-like handling.

In this article, we’ll take examine the best and worst model years of the Fit.

2020 Honda Fit

Here’s The Short Answer To What The Best And Worst Years For The Honda Fit Are:

The best Honda Fit model years are 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2012, and 2011. The worst model years of the Fit are 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, and 2015. This is based on auto industry reviews, NHTSA statistics, reported problems, and consumer feedback.

What Are The Best Years For The Honda Fit?

2020 Honda Fit

The 2020 Fit is the final model year produced, it is also the most refined, modern and reliable.

It has a roomy interior, configurable rear seating and numerous standard safety and infotainment features. 

Buyers can choose between a six-speed manual transmission or a CVT, there is only one engine choice – a modest yet dependable 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine.

This model comes in 4 trim levels: LX, Sport, EX, and EX-L. The upper trims have the best tech options.

  • Edmunds: 4.8 / 5.0
  • Kelley Blue Book: 4.5 / 5.0
  • JD Power: 80 / 100

2020 Fit, Edmunds review:

“I bought the 2020 Honda Fit LX 6 speed. It is very satisfying to drive and very easy to live with. 6 speed is pretty easy to drive. Gets 40+ mpg no problem just driving normally (keeping speed at 65 and under). It’s a bit slow under 3000 rpm but I don’t mind at all. It’s definitely a driver’s car, if driving is a chore for you, you would be better off with an automatic Hyundai…”

2019 Honda Fit

The 2019 Fit has everything you would expect out of such an innovative compact car – a surprisingly roomy interior, rear seat configurability, and excellent fuel economy.

On the highways you can expect around 36-mpg for most Fit models apart from the LX which is estimated to achieve 40-mpg as it has the CVT.

What made this model year stand out from its predecessors was the introduction of automatic high-beam headlights.

The 2019 Fit scored an impressive 5-star safety review from the NHTSA.

  • Edmunds: 4.3 / 5.0
  • Kelley Blue Book: 4.5 / 5.0
  • JD Power: 80 / 100

2019 Fit, Edmunds review:

“The Honda Fit is everything that I wanted and need in a car. I did about 100-120 hours of research on cars to find the right one for me and this certainly is everything I wanted and more. For the size, I was surprised that the Honda Fit had more leg room in both the front and back seats than the car that I traded in, which was a 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier…”

2018 Honda Fit

The 2018 Honda Fit is a third-generation model that has proven to be a very reliable vehicle, having received minimal complaints online.

This model year received a few styling tweaks as well as updates that provide better sound insulation, suspension and steering dynamics. 

The infotainment system was upgraded and has Apple CarPLay and Android Auto capabilities.

With a perfect 5-star NHTSA rating, notable safety features include forward collision warning, collision mitigation braking system, and LaneWatch.

  • Edmunds: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Kelley Blue Book: 4.5 / 5.0
  • JD Power: 77 / 100

2018 Fit, Edmunds review:

“ I needed a relatively inexpensive replacement for a 13 year old Toyota Matrix with 110k miles. I also missed driving a stick. I mainly drive to & from work, so mileage was also a factor. . Possibly my favorite part is that I’m 6-foot-3 & have headroom to spare in this tiny car. I honestly don’t have a single negative thing to say about the Fit. It matched everything I was looking for. Above & beyond the Accent, Versa, Focus, or Corolla – all of which I also test drove.”

2017 Honda Fit

The 2017 Fit is another solid choice when shopping for a practical, small car.

It makes a great choice for college students or first-time drivers.

This model received strong consumer reviews and complaints lodged were minimal.

The drivetrain for all variants across the board is a front-wheel-drive paired with either a 6-speed manual transmission or a CVT (continuously variable transmission) automatic system. 

  • Edmunds: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Kelley Blue Book: 4.5 / 5.0
  • JD Power: 81 / 100

2017 Fit, Edmunds review:

“I spend most of my driving on the freeway going back and forth to work so wanted a small car with good gas mileage but had to have great cargo area – the Fit hit all those areas wonderfully! I was shocked in how much room is in this small car – with the back seats down there is so much space to haul things and then flip the seats up and there is incredible room for tall things…”

2017 Honda Fit

2016 Honda Fit

Aside from a somewhat unintuitive touchscreen, the 2016 Fit is hailed as one of the best iterations ever produced for its unmatched versatility, unique rear seat design and functionality, and exceptional fuel economy.

EPA fuel economy estimates place the manual transmission variant at 32 miles per gallon for combined driving, 29 miles per gallon for city driving, and 37 miles per gallon for highway driving.

As for the CVT-equipped models, owners can expect around 35 miles per gallon for combined driving, 32 miles per gallon for city driving, and 38 miles per gallon for highway driving.

Standard safety features include an ABS (anti-lock braking system), ESC (electronic stability control), traction control, front side airbags, side curtain airbags, and active head restraints. 

  • Edmunds: 4.4 / 5.0
  • Kelley Blue Book: 4.5 / 5.0
  • JD Power: 79 / 100

2016 Fit, Edmunds review:

“My review for the 2016 Honda Fit EX will be in comparison to the 2009 Subaru Impreza we own, as well as other vehicles we’ve owned. We’re very pleased with our Fit EX. We average a combined 38MPG, with highway driving around 44MPG, and city driving around 34MPG. The ride is comfortable; the seats and interior room is very comfortable (Far superior than our Subaru), and the interior quality is very good…”

2012 & 2011 Honda Fit

If you are on a tighter budget, then the 2012 and 2011 Honda Fit models are excellent choices.

They are both extremely reliable, fun to drive and offer excellent visibility.

Standard equipment for these models includes stability control, keyless entry, cruise control and an iPod/USB audio interface.

Fuel economy isn’t as impressive on these older models and you can expect 27 mpg city, 33 mpg highway and 29 mpg combined.

2012 Honda Fit

  • Edmunds: 4.4 / 5.0
  • Kelley Blue Book: 4.6 / 5.0
  • JD Power: 82 / 100

2011 Honda Fit:

  • Edmunds: 4.2 / 5.0
  • Kelley Blue Book: 4.6 / 5.0
  • JD Power: 80 / 100

2011 Fit, Edmunds review:

“This thing is a blast to drive, has respectable mpgs (above EPA estimates), and has more space than anyone could guess from the outside. Although the materials in the cabin are decent, it won’t take you long to see they are relatively cheap. You’ll also notice the “small” things that you may be use to are not present (heated mirrors, adjustable intermittent wipers). Small gripes, but noticeable…”

2012 Honda Fit

Consumer Scores For Best Honda Fit Years

Model YearEdmunds
Consumer Rating
Kelley Blue Book
Consumer Rating
JD Power
Consumer Rating
2020 Honda Fit4.8 / 5.04.5 / 5.080 / 100
2019 Honda Fit4.3 / 5.04.5 / 5.080 / 100
2018 Honda Fit4.0 / 5.04.5 / 5.077 / 100
2017 Honda Fit4.0 / 5.04.5 / 5.081 / 100
2016 Honda Fit4.4 / 5.04.5 / 5.079 / 100
2012 Honda Fit4.4 / 5.04.6 / 5.082 / 100
2011 Honda Fit4.2 / 5.04.6 / 5.080 / 100

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What Are The Worst Years For The Honda Fit?

2007 Honda Fit

The 2007 Honda Fit was the debut model year and it was also the most problematic.

Numerous owners reported that the power steering failed whilst driving and that the steering wheel locked up.

HEadlights not working on low beam was also widely reported.

The 2007 Fit had a total of 63 complaints at CarComplaints.com and 442 problems at CarProblemZoo.com.

Common problems:

  • Power steering failure
  • Clutch failed
  • Takata airbag recall
  • Uncomfortable seats
2007 Honda Fit

2008 Honda Fit

Like the 2007 Fit, the 2008 Fit was wide affected by the notorious Takata airbag recall, these airbags were known to explode and posed a serious safety risk.

Structural integrity issues were widely reported – gaps in certain sections of the vehicle allowed water to leak inside.

This resulted in premature rusting, damage to the interior and the development of mold and foul odors. 

The 2008 Fit had a total of 45 complaints at CarComplaints.com and 270 problems at CarProblemZoo.com.

Common problems:

  • Clutch went out
  • Stalling
  • Paint chipping and peeling
  • Transmission slipping
  • Takata airbag recall

2009 Honda Fit

The 2009 Honda Fit was another victim of the Takata airbag recall.

Complaints piled up as Honda was slow to address repairs due to the high number of affected vehicles.

Power steering failure was also widely reported which was accompanied by warning lights on the dash.

Here’s one owners report:

“Intermittent loss of power steering while driving, causes difficulty in steering and potential loss of control- diagnosed by service technician as failing eps control.”

The 2009 Fit had a total of 61 complaints at CarComplaints.com and 325 problems at CarProblemZoo.com.

Common problems:

  • Spark plug blew out cylinder head
  • Clear coat wearing off
  • Extreme seat discomfort

2010 Honda Fit

Much like earlier Honda Fit model years, the 2010 Fit’s biggest problem was its defective Takata airbags.

The electronic power steering system of this model year was prone to failure too.

The 2010 Fit had a total of 51 complaints at CarComplaints.com and 203 problems at CarProblemZoo.com.

Common problems:

  • Uncomfortable seats
  • Windshield crack
  • Clear coat defective

2013 Honda Fit

The 2013 Fit had numerous complaints filed due to its faulty Takata airbags.

Other than that, there were also quite a number of electrical malfunctions that caused a lot of headaches for owners.

This model was also recalled for a faulty drive shaft, a critical component of the vehicle that ensures proper delivery of power and torque.

The 2013 Fit had a total of 26 complaints at CarComplaints.com and 195 problems at CarProblemZoo.com.

Common problems:

  • Check engine light on
  • Rodent damage to fuel pump
  • Air conditioning stopped working

2015 Honda Fit

The 2015 Honda Fit received a huge amount of complaints.

Most of these were for electrical glitches that meant the dashboard would display incorrect information for key metrics such as vehicle speed, fuel readings and oil level.

Another widespread problem was a faulty starter.

Owners reported they were unable to start their Honda Fit without multiple attempts.

The 2015 Fit had a total of 157 complaints at CarComplaints.com and 295 problems at CarProblemZoo.com.

Common problems:

  • Extremely uncomfortable seats
  • Starter failure
  • Paint flaking

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What Years Have The Most Complaints?

Model YearComplaints(CarComplaints.com)Problems(CarProblemZoo.com)
2020 Honda Fit012
2019 Honda Fit467
2018 Honda Fit855
2017 Honda Fit526
2016 Honda Fit42107
2015 Honda Fit157295
2014 Honda Fit41
2013 Honda Fit26195
2012 Honda Fit39124
2011 Honda Fit26120
2010 Honda Fit51203
2009 Honda Fit61325
2008 Honda Fit45270
2007 Honda Fit63442

What Problems Do Honda Fit Have?

  • Extremely uncomfortable seats
  • Power steering failure
  • Spark plug blew out cylinder head
  • Starter failure
  • Paint flaking
  • Clear coat wearing off
  • Windshield crack
  • Clutch failed
  • Transmission slipping

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What Are The Best Alternatives To The Honda Fit?

Make & ModelScoreMSRPFuel Economy (MPG)
Honda Fit8.8$19,527 – $22,721City: 29 – 33 /Highway: 36 – 40
Chevrolet Sonic8.4$16,787 – $19,072City: 26 / Highway: 34
Hyundai Accent8.2$15,730 – $18,673City: 29 – 33 /Highway: 39 – 41
Kia Rio8.2$16,593 – $17,981City: 33 /Highway: 41
Nissan Versa8.2$16,950 – $18,846City: 27 – 32 /Highway: 35 – 40
Toyota Yaris8.1$17,843 – $19,700City: 30 – 32 /Highway: 39 – 40
Mini Cooper7.9$21,802 – $33,221City: 25 – 28 /Highway: 33 – 36
Mini Cooper Clubman7.6$28,838 – $36,802City: 23 – 26 /Highway: 31 – 34
Chevrolet Spark7.5$14,442 – $17,616City: 29 – 30 /Highway: 37 – 38
Mitsubishi Mirage6.1$13,889 – $15,668City: 33 – 36 /Highway: 40 – 43

Source: cars.usnews.com, edmunds.com

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