Where are Honda Gold Wings Made? (Solved & Explained)

The Honda Goldwing is the ultimate touring motorcycle, capable of crunching miles all day long. 

It has a huge amount of power to pull from and plenty of luggage space for essentials, ready for all the best road trips. 

Full of comforts, it is known as an armchair on wheels, outranking the competition for comfort levels on a long trip. 

This article answers the question “Where are Honda Goldwings made?” so let’s find out.

Where Are Honda Goldwings Being Made?

Honda manufactures the Goldwing at the Kumamoto plant in Japan. Since 2011 all Honda Goldwings have come out of Japan, prior to this Honda manufactured the Goldwing at Marysville Motorcycle Plant, Marysville, Ohio. The 2010 model was the last model to be produced in the US.

Honda Kumamoto was established in 1976 and is located in the city of Kumamoto on the Japanese island of Kyushu. It is the largest Honda plant in Japan by area and is their main plant for manufacturing motorcycles.

Are Goldwings for the U.S. Market Produced in the U.S.?

Since 2011 all Honda Goldwings for the U.S have been produced in Japan.

The Kumamoto Factory is Honda’s only motorcycle plant in Japan and is its main production base for its global operations.

The first Goldwing models from 1975-1979 were produced in Japan, until 1980 when production moved to Marysville, Ohio.

This remained the Goldwings production base until 2010, when Honda moved production back to Japan.  

Are They Being Assembled in the U.S.?

Honda used to assemble all Goldwings at the Marysville Motorcycle Plant, and the Goldwing was marketed as being American made. 

However in 2011, Honda started to move production of all their motorcycles back to Japan, Goldwings today are assembled at the Kumamoto Factory in Japan.

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How Can You Check Where a Specific Honda Goldwing Was Produced?

There are two ways to check where a specific Honda Goldwing was produced.

  1. Use the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

The Vehicle Identification Number is a unique 17 digit code that contains details about a vehicle’s identity.

There are free VIN decoders online however the table below details what each of the 17 characters represents.

1stWhere the motorcycle was built
2nd and 3rdThe manufacturer
4th – 8thPortrait of the motorcycle – type, engine size and brand
9thTo detect invalid VINs
10thModel year
11thWhich plant the bike was assembled
12th – 17thSerial number
  1. Check the date of release

Looking at the release dates of Honda Goldwing models can reveal where they were made.

  • The first generation Goldwings were produced in Japan from 1975-79. The 1980 Models were produced in 1979 in Japan to account for the move over to the U.S that took place in 1980.
  • From late 1980-2010 production took place in Marysville, Ohio. 
  • There was technically no 2011 Goldwing model produced. There were no models manufactured in 2010 for the following model year, as the shift in production took place from the U.S to Japan.
  • From 2011 to present, Goldwings are made in Honda’s Kumamoto Factory in Japan. 

Are Japanese or US Built Goldwings Better?

Honda took all its automotive equipment from the Maryland factory to its factory in Japan, there should be absolutely no difference in the build quality of the Goldwing regardless of where it is assembled.

Honda is renowned for their high standards and excellent engineering skills wherever their factories are located.

Where Is the Honda Goldwing Designed?

The very first Honda Goldwing was designed by Toshio Nozue in Japan. 

Today Honda has design studios worldwide however their motorcycle base studio is Honda Motor, Motorcycle Operations, Monozukuri Center (Kumamoto) in Japan. This is likely where current Goldwing models are designed. 

However, Honda Motor Japan will closely work with their design base in the U.S for Goldwing development designs, as the U.S is the model’s biggest market, followed closely by Europe. 

Where Are Honda Goldwings Made for the Australia Market?

Honda produces all its Goldwings for the Australia market out of the Kumamoto Factory in Japan.

Where Are Honda Goldwings Made for the Canada Market?

Honda currently produces Goldwings for the Canada market out of the Kumamoto Factory in Japan. 

Prior to 2011 they would have been manufactured for the Canadian market in the Marysville Motorcycle Plant.

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Where Are Honda Goldwings Made for the U.K Market?

Production for the Honda Goldwing is based out of the Kumamoto Factory in Japan for all global markets including the U.K.

Is Honda Planning to Move Its Production?

Honda does not seem to be moving production for the Goldwing at the moment. It is has started to move some motorcycle engine production to China, but it seems for now the Goldwing production will remain where it is. 

Is Honda Hiring or Firing in the U.S.? 

Honda is always on the lookout for talented employees, and there are a wide variety of positions available depending on your background and expertise.

Although Goldwing production has moved to Japan, Honda continues to produce other vehicles in the U.S and therefore, still has a large influence on the U.S economy and job market. 

Is Honda an American Company?

Honda is often mistaken for an American company as over the years lots of its production has been in the U.S.

Further to which the U.S is Honda’s biggest market for both its motorcycles and car production.

However, Honda is a Japanese company and its headquarters are in Minato City, Tokyo, Japan.

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