15 Mercedes Benz GLC Facts and Statistics You Should Know

The Mercedes GLC is a highly ranked contender in the ultra-competitive, luxury compact SUV segment.

It’s luxurious, stylish, extremely comfortable and has a wealth of standard features.

In this article we’ll provide all the information you’ll need when shopping for a GLC.

How Many Mercedes Benz GLC Have Been Sold in the US Per Year?

As a vehicle that falls under the compact luxury crossover SUV segment, the Mercedes-Benz GLC has been well-received by the US market since its official debut in 2015 and it is currently Mercedes best selling vehicle.

The initial year (2015) had limited sales as it was only offered during the latter half of the year, with only 4,569 units sold.

The succeeding year successfully closed at 47,788 units sold, proving that the model is an attractive candidate for those looking for luxury SUVs.

The Mercedes-Benz GLC recorded the most number of units sold in 2019, with a total of 73,655 units purchased. The second best year was in 2018, with a total of 69,729 units sold.

In 2020, there was a significant decline in sales, only ending the year with 33,987 units sold. 

This may be due to unforeseen external factors, so we will have to monitor annual sales for years 2021 and beyond to really get a better reading of the trend of demand for the Mercedes Benz GLC.

Below is a table listing the annual sales of the Mercedes Benz GLC in the US since its introduction in 2015:

YearTotal Sales 
2015 Mercedes Benz GLC4,569
2016 Mercedes Benz GLC47,788
2017 Mercedes Benz GLC48,643
2018 Mercedes Benz GLC69,729
2019 Mercedes Benz GLC73,655
2020 Mercedes Benz GLC33,987

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What Year Did Mercedes Benz Start the GLC Model?

The Mercedes Benz GLC began mass production in 2015 and was immediately offered to the US market and other countries around the world.

It was the successor to the hugely successful Mercedes Benz GLK, which was offered in North America from 2010 – 2015.

Aside from the brand’s reputation and popularity, the GLC caught the attention of several prospective buyers due to its luxury status, German heritage, and the fact that it was marketed as the SUV equivalent of the Mercedes Benz C-class models.

Fortunately, for prospective buyers and Mercedes enthusiasts, the 2022 GLC has been confirmed for release, and prototypes of this model year have actually been spotted in test runs.

Mercedes Benz GLC Model Year List

The GLC is still in its first generation.

A facelift changed its look significantly in 2020 but it’s still the same vehicle underneath.

Below is a list of Mercedes Benz GLC models per year based on the US market:

2016 to 2019 (Pre-facelift)

  • 2016 Mercedes Benz GLC
  • 2017 Mercedes Benz GLC
  • 2018 Mercedes Benz GLC
  • 2019 Mercedes Benz GLC

2020 to Present (Facelift)

  • 2020 Mercedes Benz GLC
  • 2021 Mercedes Benz GLC

How is the Fuel Economy of the Mercedes Benz GLC?

The luxury compact SUV segment is not primarily focused on excellent fuel economy, but most models that fall under this category have average to slightly better than average efficiency.

The Mercedes Benz GLC has average fuel economy for a luxury compact SUV, and has noticeable variations between the three engine types (or sizes), as well as significant differences between city, highway, and mixed (or combined) driving.

Below are the EPA fuel economy figures for the 2020 Mercedes Benz GLC:

Mercedes Benz GLC 2.0 L22 MPG29 MPG24 MPG
Mercedes Benz GLC 3.0 L18 MPG24 MPG21 MPG
Mercedes Benz GLC 4.0 L16 MPG22 MPG18 MPG

Is the Mercedes Benz GLC an All-Wheel-Drive?

The Mercedes Benz GLC is available with an all-wheel-drive system, known as the 4Matic AWD. Base models have rear-wheel drive as standard. 

The 4Matic AWD has been in existence since the 1980s and has evolved through the years to become a very intuitive and beneficial all-wheel-drive system for Mercedes Benz models.

To confirm if your model year or variant has the all-wheel-drive feature, consult with your Mercedes Benz car dealer for more detailed information.

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Is the Mercedes Benz GLC a 7-Seater?

The Mercedes Benz GLC is a 5-seater luxury compact SUV with comfortable seating and a spacious interior.

However, according to some reputable sources, the upcoming 2022 Mercedes Benz GLC may be offered with an additional third row, effectively turning it into a 7-seater compact SUV.

Is the Mercedes Benz GLC better than the Mercedes Benz GLE?

For individuals looking for a compact SUV that performs well in light off-road situations and has great steering and overall maneuverability, the Mercedes Benz GLC is a better option than the Mercedes Benz GLE.

For those looking for a midsize SUV that offers a larger trunk capacity and a 7-seater configuration, the GLE would be a more suitable choice than the GLC.

How Quickly Does Mercedes Benz GLC Depreciate?

Based on our findings, the Mercedes Benz GLC is estimated to depreciate by 51% after 5 years, resulting in a resale value of $33,176 (also depends on the variant).

This means that the Mercedes Benz GLC models will lose slightly more than half of their purchase value five years from the date of purchase.

A 51% depreciation may be relatively high if compared to other SUVs in the market, but the GLC’s direct competitors, the BMW X3 and the Audi Q5 share near-identical depreciation rates, at 52% and 50%, respectively.

If you are planning to sell your Mercedes Benz GLC in the used car market, take note that this is a luxury model, and although it may fetch a greater price, the demand for models such as this may not be as many as the demand for other SUVs.

To secure the best possible resale value for your Mercedes Benz GLC, we will always recommend following the service and maintenance schedule, and making sure that the vehicle is regularly washed, vacuumed, and maintained on a regular basis.

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Did Mercedes Benz Recall Any of the GLC Models?

Mercedes Benz, a German-based automaker, prides itself on the quality and craftsmanship of its vehicle line-up, but unfortunately, all vehicle manufacturers will inevitably face recalls due to certain issues or flaws.

A recall is issued when a manufacturer or the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) deems that a vehicle or one or more of its components creates an unreasonable safety risk or does not meet minimum safety requirements – All safety recall repairs are FREE at authorized Honda dealers.

The Mercedes Benz GLC has received its fair share of recall campaigns during its relatively short lifespan, having been recalled a total of 50 times from 2016 – 2021.

The 2018 Mercedes Benz GLC had the most number of recall campaigns with 12 recorded by the NHTSA, followed by the 2016 GLC with a total of 11 recall campaigns.

Below is a table showing the annual recall campaigns per year for the Mercedes Benz GLC in the US:

Model YearRecall Campaigns
2016 Mercedes Benz GLC*11
2017 Mercedes Benz GLC8
2018 Mercedes Benz GLC12
2019 Mercedes Benz GLC8
2020 Mercedes Benz GLC8
2021 Mercedes Benz GLC3

*Includes models released in 2015

How Much Do the Mercedes Benz GLC Models Pollute?

The Mercedes Benz GLC is not the most eco-friendly vehicle, but certain variants of this model can hold its own against its competitors.

Depending on the engine size, the GLC’s reported CO₂ emissions can range from 156 grams per kilometer to 289 grams per kilometer (96 grams per mile to 178 grams per mile).

Next Green Car, a website that records how “green” vehicles are in terms of carbon footprint and emissions, gave the Mercedes Benz GLC a rating of 48 out of 100 for the most eco-friendly variant (the lower the score, the better).

However, the least eco-friendly variant of the GLC received a rating of 91 out of 100.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly, compact SUV the electrified GLC could be what you are looking for.

How Much Do the Mercedes Benz GLC Models Tow?

The Mercedes Benz GLC is a luxury compact SUV that was not particularly designed to haul heavy loads. 

According to our research findings, all variants of the GLC have a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds, which is enough to bring a small trailer with a full load or a medium-sized trailer with a partial load.

How Reliable is a Mercedes Benz GLC?

The Mercedes Benz GLC is regarded by critics and owners as a compact SUV of average reliability.

  • Kelley Blue Book gave the GLC a reliability rating of 4.1 out of 5.0.
  • J.D. Power gave this model a quality and reliability rating of 77 out of 100 (“average”).
  • RepairPal placed this model in the 27th spot out of 32 possible positions, with a reliability rating of 3.0 out of 5.0.

The mixed reviews received by the GLC regarding reliability have led us to conclude that there are more reliable compact SUV options in the market to choose from.

In addition, the total annual maintenance cost of the GLC is estimated at $1,039, which is over $200 more than the average for its segment ($807).

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The GLC is available in SUV and Coupe models

How Safe is a Mercedes Benz GLC?

Aside from its stunning looks and premium build, the Mercedes Benz GLC is also touted as one of the safer options to choose from within the luxury compact SUV segment.

The GLC has earned five-star safety ratings from Euro NCAP, an organization that simulates vehicle crashes and accidents from different angles or impact points.

The GLC was also recently awarded the 2021 Top Safety Pick award by the IIHS as a result of great test scores, earning a perfect rating under every subsection of the crashworthiness category.

Here is a list of safety features worth noting for the Mercedes Benz GLC:

  • Active brake assist
  • LED headlamps
  • Blind spot assist
  • Exit warning assist
  • Attention assist
  • Crosswind assist
  • Rearview camera
  • Airbags
  • Adaptive braking technology
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • Electronic stability control (ESC)
  • Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)
  • Anti-theft alarm system
  • Remote panic feature
  • Electronic parking brake (EPB)

What is the Typical Buyer Demographic for the Mercedes Benz GLC?

All Mercedes Benz vehicles are known to combine luxurious style with pinnacle performance.

According to Ola Kaellenius, then head of Mercedes Benz Marketing and Sales, the GLC is meant for individuals seeking a sporty SUV option that offers utility and performance.

Based on our research, to a certain extent, we have identified the target market to be entrepreneurs or high-ranking executives in their 40s or 50s that are looking for high-end vehicles with an authentic German heritage.

Generally speaking, the compact luxury SUV segment is aimed at a more mature crowd.

Mercedes Benz GLC Theft Numbers

Despite our best research efforts, we were not able to find any reliable source offering figures and details regarding the theft numbers of the Mercedes Benz GLC.

This may be due to the fact that the GLC is a relatively new entry, having only been introduced roughly 5 years ago.

Despite the absence of figures, however, we must all take note that any vehicle from Mercedes Benz can be seen as a high-value target for vehicular theft.

Therefore, we would advise all Mercedes Benz vehicle owners to be very cautious and aware of the potential theft of their vehicles, especially with the rise of ‘keyless theft’.

To help prevent your GLC from being stolen we advise:

  • Keeping the vehicle locked at all times
  • Do not keep valuables on display where thieves can see them
  • Invest in a steering lock and car key signal blocking wallet
  • Researching anti-theft technology
  • Never leave your vehicle running unattended

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